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Episode #270

Jenna Zoe: Human Design Deep Dive on Relationships, Parenthood, Friendship, & Beyond!

Jordan is joined by her dear friend Jenna Zoe on this episode, and they are going in on all things Human Design, friendship, relationships, astrology, healing, consciousness, HD in parenthood, 2/4 MG’s (!!), 4/6’s, and so much more.

Jenna has been the most frequent guest on the podcast (how cool?!) and has officially returned for her 6th deep dive on Soul on Fire. She is the creator of the game-changing app & Human Design software MyHumanDesign, and is a leading teacher of Human Design across the world. She has created certification programs, books, video courses, and more, and is truly a master on the subject of HD.

You can listen to her first episode on TBB here, where the girls talk intimately about Human Design, Reflectors, energy types, and beyond. If you are looking for an intro to HD, this is your episode!

You can also find Jenna on this episode where they go even deeper into the subject of Human Design. Search “The Balanced Blonde Jenna Zoe” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to listen to the whole range of their episodes together.

Most of all, Jenna & Jordan are the best of friends and they look forward to sharing their elevated frequency of being together with you – to show you the conscious friendships that you deserve. This is a fun one, and is Jordan’s favorite of all of their episodes together, which is saying something!


Website: Store: Instagram: @thebalancedblonde  Jenna’s Instagram: @jennazoe Look up your HD:

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