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Episode #267

Timeline Hops, Soul Family & Emerging from the Dark Night of the Soul

To kick off this new 7.0 ERA of the podcast, Jordan sits down with her best friend & soul family Kenzie Burke. They talk about timeline hops, synchronicities, conscious friendships, the magic of being in each other’s lives, where in the world Kenzie has been (because everyone wants to know!), and most of all – Kenzie’s emergence from the dark night of her own soul journey. And what she is doing now – all about creating her new clothing line BRULÉ.

We hope this episode feels like you are sitting in the studio with Jordan & Kenzie, and as if you are having a chat with two old friends.

Kenzie will be a frequent co-host on TBB from here forward, so be sure to head to Instagram and tell the girls what you’d like to hear about next!

Check out the tandem SOLO EPISODE that dropped today as well to get your double fix of the show – we are back, baby! And ready to dive deep!

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