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Hi! I am so happy and honored that you are here. This blog is here to support your reawakening. Are you ready for it? In this space we dive deep, we go there, and we reconnect to our ultimate, deepest joy. We connect to our eternal souls. We have a freakin’ blast. Kick off your shoes, get cozy & stay awhile. Let’s dive on in…

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elcome to the Soul on Fire podcast! Here we go deep on all things spiritual awakening, cosmic consciousness, intuitive gifts, high vibrational living, and beyond. Jordan Younger – Founder & CEO of The Balanced Blonde – started this podcast in 2016 to interview dear friends, healers, practitioners, and the most successful people in the world to hear more about their lives and how they’re finding balance, joy, and success. The podcast has since evolved into an awakening diary of sorts, and we are thrilled to have you tune in. It is the heart and soul of everything we do with TBB.

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Courses & books to assist your evolution – awakening, meditation, plant-based life, and beyond.

We were born knowing how to feel amazing. Created to support your re-awakening. 7 DAYS TO YOUR TRUEST, YOU-EST YOU.

Aligning with what lights us up, relearning our inner cosmic power, and reclaiming the true essence of who we are with Jordan Younger.

Heal your body, uplevel your life, cleanse from the inside out, and reconnect to the most radiant & healthy version of YOU.

Heal your body through nourishing, SOS-free plant-based foods & learn how to live SOS-free and vegan in a balanced and healthy way. Featuring 60+ exclusive recipes!

Let’s dig deep, flow intuitively and to let the incredible mind, body, spirit practice of yoga transform our lives from the inside out.

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