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12 Things Tuesday: We’re Back! Today, at least!

June 25, 2024

My loves!!

OMG, what a time it has been. What an initiation. What an absolute… shit show, to be honest. Just wow wow. If you have been following along on Instagram, The Quantum Method, the podcast, anywhere, then you know the last month has been a wild ride. 

Really, the last four months. But we will get to that.

For now, if you want to hear the whole journey and then some, subscribe to my Substack. I will be writing all of my health updates, life updates, birth story of baby girl (soon, soon, when she comes!) and more over there on the paid version. After blogging for the last ELEVEN years full-time, it feels very fitting to reach the point where I feel it’s time to get paid for some of my posts. Especially the longer, juicy, life changing ones.

So let’s start there, shall we? & don’t worry, lots to come on this OG TBB blog too, the way it has always been, but we are just expanding into even more content which feels really, really gooood. & updates to come on the podcast from me, AND from Jonathan who is guest hosting in the coming weeks and you guys are in for such a treat!!!

12 Things Tuesday!

1. Riffing off of what I’ve shared above. Writers getting paid to write. Creators getting paid to create. It makes so much sense, no? If you love what I share, and want to support in the easiest and most accessible/affordable way, subscribe to my Substack! (I chose the lowest price point possible for a reason.)

I also love the accessibility (for readers) of blogging for free, so for anyone who doesn’t feel aligned to pay for writing I will still be blogging here and there on my site, and on the free version of my Substack. But eventually things will shift, and I feel really good about that. In fact, I have never felt so clear or so unapologetic about anything. The internet has changed *so much* over the last decade plus that I have been sharing online, and I feel excited about growing and evolving with the times. If you haven’t heard of Substack writers have been using it for a few years now so I am not starting the trend by any means — as usual, I am actually very late to the trend! 😂 Tons of free content will still live all over my socials, this site + my weekly podcast (almost 400 episodes for you over the years so far) though for anyone who prefers. 

2. I feel as if in many ways, Gen Z has got it all figured out a lot more than us millennials and above. See this article for deets. I love having my amazing right hand woman Shelby on my team who is the quintessential Gen Z gal. She has taught me so much about the value of subscriptions, Substack, TikTok, resonating with an audience in this day & age’s landscape, current-day marketing and social media, and so much more. I have no ego about how much the times have shifted. If it were still 2013 and someone asked me how to grow an Instagram, I could give you the BEST step-by-step formula ever. I probably still could for today actually, I just don’t have any desire to follow that formula anymore. 😂 So evolving where I can, and where it makes sense, feels really good and spot on.

3. Anyone, and I mean anyonnneeee, who has the audacity to complain about a creator putting value on their work probably doesn’t understand the fact that this is a 24/7 job. For so many years I spent more money to create content than I made on it, just because I love it and I love providing value to you guys. There is so much value in free content which is why I have put it out every day for over 10 years, but there is also so much value in owning your worth and knowing that what you have to say makes a real difference. I am not just speaking for myself here — I really want you to all think about that in your lives and how you show up for yourself in those ways. Do you value yourself? How can you value yourself more? How can you put more value INTO what you create, so that it is worth charging for, if you so desire? These are things that will help you make the ultimate *quantum LEAPPPP*!!

4. I want to lay in bed and write all day every day. It’s my favorite thing in the world. It’s what I was born to do. So that, my friends, is what we are gonna do. 🙂

5. OMG… the last 3+ weeks of my life. Holy mother effing shit. Let me share with you the first paragraph from my Substack post yesterday to just give you a glimpse about where I have been…

6. Snippet from my post yesterday on Substack: “My loves, hi. WOW. What an initiation these last several weeks have been. And that is the understatement of the century. Maybe I should really begin by saying: Allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m Jordan, hi, and I am absolutely nothing like who I have been before. I have died and been reborn. Again. Life will never look the same to me again. I am brand new, and I’m never looking back.

This is going to be an emotional one to write, and one I have been writing in my head again and again for the last few weeks. Today is the first day I can even *sit up* in bed, so that feels like a huge win, and I will take that as my opportunity to write to you guys. Pour my heart out. Do the damn thing.”

7. Yes, I almost died from a colorectal crisis. If anyone has ever been there, you get me and you are not alone.

8. My daughter is coming so soon… oh my WORD!!!! A matter of weeks!! She has a new due date now, too. <3 I cannot wait for her to be in the world!!!!

9. We have had so many special and amazing guests on the podcast lately. Nico Tortorella, Eric Roberts (astrology forecast for the summer!), Shadi Bakour of Pathwater, Christy Dawn on regenerative fashion, Dr. Steven Gundry on gut health, lots of good solos, and more. Tune in if you’ve been a bit behind. I myself have been so behind on some of my favorite pods and I am very excited to start tuning back into them more.

10. On that note, I cannot wait to listen to Kathy Hilton on TSC podcast… my idol!! I am ready for some good Kathy entertainment! She was on there with her daughter Nicky Hilton and I can’t wait to hear them together.

11. After what I have been through in the last several weeks, I would not be surviving or alive today without my husband, my mom, my dad, and Atticus. And Hudson and my future daughter. I am so thankful for them I just want to shout it from the rooftops forever. Family is everything and then some.

12. What I have been going though these last few weeks has also really, really reminded me of the power of community. Our friends and family who have shown up for us, cooked us meals, sent flowers, sent texts / voice messages, called and checked in… it just means the world. I have said it before and I will say it again, but anyone who has been aware of what has been going on and has not checked in on my family, I want to thank them too, because I now know where to allocate my energy and where not to. I have never felt such a fire or desire to show up for my people when they need me most, and my friends/fam have shown me that great gift during this time more than ever, ever, ever before. <3

13. Bonus 13: we have lots of summer newness coming on TQM, who is ready to quantum leap?!

How are all of my favorite people doing?! I love & miss you guys so much! Give me some updates on you!! And be sure to subscribe to my Substack for all of the details on what has been going on this last month, and if you prefer to listen to an audio version, join The Quantum Method to listen to our latest pep talk where I also share all of the details. <3 Love you all so much. So much goodness to come. I am infinitely grateful, and infinitely in awe of each and every one of you. Xoxoxo