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Episode #280

SOLO: Top 10 Resources That Have Radically Changed & Enhanced My Life

This is a cornerstone episode for TBB and blends together all of the very specific, life changing, amazing things that have radically changed and enriched Jordan’s life. From her top-read books, to the podcasts she loves & listen to, to the most healing diet that she believes in, to healing modalities broken down in an accessible way, and healers + mentors she looks to for inspiration — this is the go-to episode.

In fact, if you have any questions about TBB as a brand or what type of content that Jordan talks about on the show, this is a fantastic place to begin! This is both a “reintroduction” episode to anyone who is new, and a deep dive for our current listeners. The show is packed with value and juiciness from top to bottom, and includes all of the things that Jordan recommends most and finds herself sharing in her DM’s and emails on a daily basis.


With the current societal climate of chronic illness, pain, depression, and overall dissatisfaction with daily life as we know it — these are the tangible and valuable tips and tools that you can add into your life. We hope that you will take some magic away from this episode & incorporate anything that speaks to you!


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