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April 11, 2014

Annnddd today is the day! I am officially releasing TBV Apparel’s five different t-shirt styles and phrases. If all goes well, there will be a whole lot more phrases and styles in the coming months – I am hoping to grow TBV Apparel and do as much as I possibly can with the line. It has been an incredibly fun experience so far… my favorite part being interacting with all of YOU and hearing about what styles you like best!


The Blonde Vegan Store, which will be all online and connected to my site, will be up and launched by Friday, April 25th. That is when you will officially be able to buy the shirts, rep them, wear them out to dinner, to a workout, the list goes on and on!

I am so unbelievably excited about these shirts for many reasons. First of all, with all of the changes going on in my life, I’ve been searching for a new focus. Even though I feel as if I have a million things going on all at once, I am the type of person who needs one sole endeavor or adventure to pour all of my energy to… and that’s what these shirts have been for the last few months and will hopefully continue to be.


As I have mentioned in a previous post (because I can’t keep my huge mouth shut!) the shirts are eco-friendly, 100% cotton, made of all organic materials, suuuuper soft & comfy (I’ve been living in them – holy crap), health-oriented and versatile. I wanted them to be the types of shirts you can wear out on the town with jeans and heels and also in an exercise class with yoga pants and running shoes.

A percentage of the profit from the shirts will be going to a non-profit that raises awareness about nutrition in schools and funds nutrition programs for high schools. A percentage of the profit from the Hashtag Vegan and Is Vodka Vegan? shirts will support an animal sanctuary in NYC that I am visiting next weekend – very exciting and dear to my heart.


I want to give the hugest thank you imaginable to my beyond talented friend Tynan Daniels. Without him, I would still be daydreaming during yoga classes about the remote possibility of TBV Apparel. I can’t even begin to give him enough credit for all that he’s done (and continues to do) to help me with this line between designing, printing, photographing, editing, re-photographing, re-printing, listening to me ramble, etc. – and he’s done an amazing job. I am so, soooo lucky to have this amazing dude in my life.

Check out his photography site linked above… you won’t be disappointed. (Did I mention he’s taken all of the photos for this site in general? Other than the daily food photos. That’s me… but only because he lives across the country.)

Last, but certainly not least, check out the shirts and send me an email telling me which styles you like and your size so that we make sure to have enough shirts printed by the launch date of what people are most interested in. Also, once you email me you will be added to my list of people that will get notified the moment the shirts go up – a full 24-hours before I release it on the blog, so that you will have first dibs on the shirts!

Pricing: $32 each. I will have special deals running, and still figuring out the deals that will go down for people who order more than 2, and for those who order all 5!!! Also going to do as many lil’ giveaways as I can get away with. (Although a girl’s gotta make sure she doesn’t go broke creating a t-shirt line… developing new business endeavors is certainly an investment.)


Shirt Styles:

Hashtag Vegan

This shirt is particularly special to me, because hash-tagging on Instagram is what originally began to connect me to the vegan and health food online community. And in the digital age we live in, you can’t deny it’s frickin’ funny.


Oh Kale Yes!

We all know kale is the “it” food right now, and who doesn’t use the phrase “Oh Kale Yes” in their everyday life? …Or is that just me? 😉


Men’s Oh Kale Yes!


Health is the New Black

I wanted to make sure there were shirts available for everyone in the health community – not just vegans! Even though vegans & non-vegans alike will agree that health is all the rage right now… or at least in this little bubble of the internet it is.


Yoga Junkie


This is the shirt I created because I wanted there to be at least one tee that was 100% suitable for my favorite thing on earth – YOGA! And/or working out. The other shirts work for exercising too, but this one is prime. Trust me, I’ve done it. See…!


Men’s Yoga Junkie


Is Vodka Vegan?

I have to give credit to my best friend Jordan for this one (who also happens to be the gorgeous male model in these photos). It started as a joke because I started drinking a lot less when I first went vegan, and whenever I would go out I ordered a vodka soda. The phrase “is vodka vegan?” was born out of poking fun at me, and has evolved into something we now say to each other all the time. Sidenote: vodka is vegan, as long as the brand is reputable and there is no isinglass in the alcohol!


Men’s Is Vodka Vegan?

a5mRBMPJlYbPV2yxV7aQZ8dq93OrfGy6TQJULJ1xnqU6T5f-mqcQ-V4K8VROSt7IasvripcgjNsEYGdHB6piVwMost importantly… I want people to feel amazing, confident, comfy, cute, sexy, and FUN in these shirts. So having fun while wearing them is not optional. Stay tuned for exciting news about the shirts in the next few weeks, and as always I am here to answer any and all questions you may have!!!

Also, post your favorite style on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and hashtag #tbvapparel and #theblondevegan to be in the running for a t-shirt giveaway, TBV Cleanse giveaways, a free week of yoga, and a free 3-day juice cleanse!

And, because you know me & you know my love for photos… there are a WHOLE LOT more amazing photos from this photo shoot and more, so I will keep posting in the next few weeks and you’ll see all sorts of fun things!