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Some Of The Wackiest Things That Have Happened Since “Coming Out” as a Non-Vegan

June 28, 2014

Hey, babes! Long time no (positive) talk. It’s been a whirlwind around here, and I don’t know about you… but I’m ready for some lightheartedness on this bloggity blog.

It’s my last week in NYC, I just came out with the news that I am no longer fully vegan, I am wrapping up last minute projects, gathering content for the app, trying to see everyone / do everything I can before I leave the city, planning for the release of the new TBV Apparel items (yay!!!!), brainstorming for a new book idea &&& a new blog name (unless I stick with The Blonde Veggie!!!), and oh yeah, trying to manage this “eating disorder” I’ve developed.

Needless to say, I’m a lil’ overwhelmed. Stressed. In over my head. Jittery. Feeling a little OCD. Can you tell???

To ease the cray-cray-ness that has been advancing over here in TBV Land, I want to share with you some of the wackiest things that have happened this week since announcing that I am no longer fully vegan. I knew the news would come as a shock to many, and I knew there would be some disappointment from my rockin’ plant-based crew. But I also knew there would be tons of support and encouragement, which WAY outweighs all of the negativity I’ve received.

Some of this is 100% related to the “coming out” announcement, and some of it isn’t…


Some of these are self-explanatory, but for the ones that are not…

#2: Have I ever mentioned how extreme my personality is? Yes, yes I have. When I get fixated on something, it becomes an all consuming, all or nothing, gotta happen right now or I’m gonna die ten times over kinda thing. That’s what was happening with the blog name issue this week. Obvi now that I’m no longer vegan I want to change the name, but I was going to give myself time to make sure I came up with something I LOVED. But, when I was receiving death threats on Facebook from crazy extremists about changing my name to “stop disgracing the vegan community” (gag me, btw), I flipped a shit and decided to change my name IMMEDIATELY.

So… The Blonde Veggie was born. Thoughts? My mom is envisioning a sprig of broccoli on a fork with blonde hair as a potential logo. Kinda cute, kinda cray, kinda love it.

#4. Well, that’s just hysterical!!! Apparently I’m no longer trustworthy at ALL. Sorry guys, I’ve been lying all this time and using fake pics of some random blonde girl and following her around and snapping selfies right up in her face while she cooks. Oh, and I force her to wear TBV Apparel shirts all the time and make her hold yoga poses on the beach, in Central Park, and on the rooftop of her building. She’s sooo sick of me. 😉



Well, that’s what I have been asking myself for the last 48 hours. UGH. I hate myself for this one. I was out of steel cut oats… or so I thought… and then I stumbled across a bag of some leftover oats in my pantry that I had taken to the Hamptons last month. Score! I poured them into a pot of boiling water and waited eagerly while they cooked. Some green foam rose to the top of the pot and I was super alarmed. But I couldn’t imagine WTF it was… oats don’t go bad!! Especially not when they are only a month old. I’ve eaten years old oats. #sorryboutit

Anyway, they tasted very weird while I was eating them. But it was early in the morning and I kept telling myself it was all in my head. Well… a few hours later I started feeling weird. Like REALLY weird. Nauseous, vomit-worthy, major stomach pains, hot flashes. Still didn’t put two and two together.

Then Katie got home and I told her about the weird green foam, the odd tasting oats and my tummy pains. She asked if the oats had been wet or damp at all. Then I remembered… my effing ice packs got everything WET in my cooler in the Hamptons and I didn’t think anything of it!!! My damn oats had been sitting with a tiny amount of water on them for a month, festering with mold, and I ate them WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT.

And I’ve been ill for 48 hours. I can’t get over it, especially because mold terrifies me to no end, but the mishap is a definite testament to my week. Totally out of touch with reality. And… it’s kinda funny… except I feel like I’ve been poisoned!!!

& here are some bat shit crazy things I’ve heard from some meanies/looney toons… (Click on the pic to enlarge it… it’s annoyingly smooshed as is.)


Really LOLing at most of these. (And, maybe I was never “VEGAN” by the strict and, in my opinion, out-dated definition. I was PLANT-BASED. As I clearly explained all year on the blog. Sorry that I created a blog name for FUN that accidentally turned into a business and it’s now offending the shit out of you. Except I’m not sorry.)

— On another note, something AWESOME about this wild week is that I’ve been given yet another amazing reminder about what incredible human beings I am surrounded by. These are just a few of the outrageously lovely souls that saved me this week with their love and support…


OH, and while I still have your attention – there are SO many emails and comments that I am still dying to respond to, and it will happen in the next week or so. Thank you, thank you, and keep the contact comin’!!! I seriously love you all and am so thrilled and humbled to hear your stories and words of encouragement.

HAPPY WEEKEND! I never post on Saturdays, but I am just feeling all out of whack this week & I wanted to throw some happiness up in here. Love you all. What’s everyone up to this weekend?! What is the craziest thing you read in this post? (Probs my ramblings… I’m feeling out. of. it.) Xox 🙂