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“Oh Kale Yes!” Sushi Roll Recipe

September 22, 2014

Hello, lovelies! How is everyone doin’ today? Are you l-o-v-i-n-g this cooled down weather like I am? If you’re not currently residing in So Cal you miiightt find it hard to envision that we had a heat wave of 95-102 degrees for about a week and a half straight. AND it’s supposed to be Fall, isn’t it?!

I’m talking heat to the point where I idiotically went on a run at 11 a.m., sweat like a monster, basked in a freezing cold shower and then starting sweating again for the next SEVERAL hours. Nottt cute. Not cool.

And we don’t have AC in our apartment. But that’s a story for another day.

#RollOutTheResearch Competition

TODAY I wanna tell you all about my partnership with Katsuya + Keep A Breast Foundation for the #RollOutTheResearch campaign. I know I have mentioned it once or twice but this cause really rocks and this competition is really fun (and the fact that you can vote every day is addicting – you know I have issues with that…), so it deserves its own full on post. 


How many of us know someone who has been affected by breast cancer? Unfortunately, I can’t really think of a soul who would say, “not me!” But if you did, then yay. That’s amazing and I wish we could all say the same.

I have seen loved ones, friends’ loved ones and incredibly kind, talented, undeserving people suffer from breast cancer and it’s painstaking to watch. It makes the fact that I was complaining about the heat wave a few seconds ago sound completely ridiculous and ignorant.

That’s why when Katsuya asked me to participate in their #RollOutTheResearch campaign I just about flipped. Not only do I get to help raise awareness for an amazing cause, but I also got to create my own roll and get a hands-on sushi-making lesson from one of Katsuya’s incredible sushi chefs. Is that awesome or is that awesome? Katsuya4

I decided I wanted to pack my roll full of cancer-fighting ingredients, because I don’t mess around when it comes to the green stuff (and the delicious stuff). The ingredients I chose were…

◆Spicy Tuna

◆ Kale

◆ Cabbage (so crunchy and delicious in there!)

◆ Avocado

◆ Chia Seeds

◆ Rice, because what’s a sushi roll without rice…

Katsuya12Boom. As you can see, he was very hesitant to let me go rogue with the knife, and I don’t blame him because I think my persona radiates klutziness. But after some careful instruction and a few rounds of practice, I felt like a pro.

I mean… as pro as you can get on your first try.


The winning roll will get featured on Katsuya’s menu for the month of October, and 50% of its proceeds will go toward funding breast cancer research. I will love you forever if you vote for me (I’m competitive, hehe) but either way get your booty over and vote because it’s an amazing cause. Here is the link! (Mine’s fourth one down on the righthand side in case you don’t recognize it!)

Oh, and it’s named the “Oh Kale Yes!” roll. After a certain t-shirt I happen to know and love.



What up in your Monday?! Anything wild & crazy go down over the weekend? Would you try my sushi roll if it wins?!