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October 13, 2014

Sooo, this post has been on my mind for a while, and it’s about time I share.

It is one thing to be judged on the internet for my dietary choices. I am used to it, and I can handle it. I receive anywhere from 10-30 negative emails a day from plant-based former readers who still can’t believe I have switched over to a diet that includes meat, poultry and dairy. I understand the confusion and I have been happy and willing to answer questions from the get-go, but the straight up hate mail and hateful comments are seriously getting old and at this point hardly even make sense anymore.
And then there are the people who have the nerve to come up to me, my family and my friends in public and speak their mind. The internet is one thing — I understand that my blog and Instagram presence was largely rooted in veganism at one point, so I will take those blows as they come. To approach me (and my friends when I am not even THERE) in public and tell me I am a bad person based on my dietary choices (for god’s sake) is not cool and I will not tolerate it.
This post was spurred by someone, who I sincerely hope is reading this, as I told her to when I spoke with her today, who came up to me when I was eating a burger for lunch today. My first burger since I was FOURTEEN years old and it kinda sorta should have been a special and exciting experience and instead it was pretty tainted by one quite negative and unhappy chick.

I ate the burger. It was delicious. I am trying my best not to view it as a freaking cow because no one likes to think about their food that way but I am listening to my body, I am eating humanely raised and humanely killed hormone-free meat, and I am doing my best over here to be cool with it. I am proud of myself and I recognize how far I have come.

After being a strict vegan for two years and a flip flop vegetarian / pescetarian since the age of 14… It’s not exactly in my comfort zone to eat meat, poultry and dairy, yet alone post photos of them for the world to see!

But I do it anyway, and I do it for a few reasons. A) I’m not ashamed. I am proud of my recent lifestyle changes and I enjoy documenting them and sharing them with my readers and followers. Many of you know that a few months back, I was terrified of a single over easy egg on my plate and more often than not I opted to throw it away in favor of a green juice because it didn’t fall into my longtime dietary label of veganism. The fact that I am now eating fish, eggs and poultry on a regular basis still blows my mind, and my body thanks me for it every day with more energy, clear skin, a functioning digestive system, a more relaxed mind, a recovering eating disorder mentality and a boosted metabolism.

B) I want to show you all that there is a light at the end of the orthorexic tunnel. Not even just at the end of it– but also in the middle of it! I am nowhere near fully recovered. I struggle every day. I obsess a ton and I still have food anxieties. I go days without eating enough at all and have days where I eat way more to make up for it and then feel extremely uncomfortable. I am searching for my balance and there is no reason I should hide that from the world. I want to inspire others who have and DO struggle from similar issues. I want to continue connecting … And I can’t do that properly if I hide what I’m eating.Lastly, I am sick and tired of the haters. The “Jordan you are a weak idiot and I hate you” comments. Someone literally posted that one this morning. In a way it’s comical because the negative people are so far away from reaching their truest selves and I feel sorry for them… But in a way it’s downright rude and ridiculous and I am not going to pretend it’s all butterflies and rainbows every time I get a negative comment about my food choices.Why the hell are people so inclined to judge other people’s choices?! It’s hurtful and silly and really does some damage to the soul and psyche. I don’t let the negativity effect me the same way I did when I initially made my switch, but the fact that the hate still occurs daily is pretty shocking to me. It’s been five months. People are relentless.

This post is meant to do a couple things. If you are someone who finds yourself judging other people’s food choices (and I will flat out admit that I was once one of those people… Even if I wasn’t super verbal about it because I’m not a mean psycho), I encourage you to give it a rest. Keep in mind that everyone’s bodies and personalities are so extremely different, and we all function best on different types of diets. In order to perform, function and be our best selves as friends, professionals, family members and people in this world we’ve gotta fuel ourselves properly and that does NOT include getting stuck in dietary labels if they don’t work for us. If they do, sweet. If they don’t, cool. It shouldn’t even be a focus.


Secondly, if you are on the other end of the spectrum and find yourself getting judged for your food choices, know that you are not alone. You are doing what’s best for your body, and for that you should reach your arms around your bod and give yourself a huge hug. You are brave and inspiring and you will find others who support you, even if people you hoped would understand are not there at all right now.

And last, and perhaps most importantly, if you are someone who is wanting to make a change and is afraid to because of the “food police” aka dietary label nazis aka judgmental and unhappy souls who don’t understand nutrition or simple human social skills — don’t be afraid to take the leap. There is hope, and as scary as it is to make a change and face the judgment, there is vast relief in listening to your body and making a choice that enhances your happiness, your soul and your beautiful individuality.

Cheers to evolving and finding ways to love our bodies however we can. I remember someone telling me a long time ago that it can be SO hard to find happiness in this world, and we are doing ourselves a huge disservice by conforming to another person’s definition of what is right… Do YOU and only good things will come.

You will see me using the hashtags #breakingvegan and #makingmagic on all of my food pics from now on. Breaking Vegan is the title of my book that will be out in October 2015– and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to share it with all of you amazing beings.

Here’s to breaking vegan and making magic. And being the BALANCED individuals that we are – plant-based, carnivorous, entirely unlabeled and everything in between.

Love to all and especially love to the haters… You need it more than the happy, supportive folk.

TBB out– happy Monday!!! I am happy… I swear. I had the best birthday weekend and I will be back tomorrow to talk about that and other positive things. This just had to be said.