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May 12, 2015

WELL… If you’re an L.A. local, come to the event I am hosting with Live Beaming this Thursday, May 14th! I will be sharing a smoothie recipe from my book (the first time I will be giving ANY sort of sneak peek into my book… eek!), talking about the importance of superfoods in our diets, and hanging out with your awesome selves! Everyone in attendance will get to try the smoothies we make for free, and we will be giving away a One Day Reset Cleanse from Beaming on the day of the event! I will also be giving a TBV Apparel discount code to event-goers… because when do I not? 😉



I didn’t just randomly decide to hold this event at Beaming, byyy the way. There is a reason I chose this magnificent spot for my first ever book-related event, and I feel that it is a super duper fitting place for what I am doing and for the message behind Breaking Vegan. For me, breaking veganism wasn’t just about the words that meet the eye — moving away from veganism. Incorporating more foods into my diet and moving away from dietary labels was a personal awakening for me and a profound, introspective journey that brought me back to being kind to my body and letting food be my medicine. It was about learning to be good to myself by eating a healthy diet but not taking it too far.

As for where Beaming fits in, their mission is to take the concept of “food is thy medicine” and translate that into an experience for the customer. We all have a responsibility to take control of our health, and that starts with where we eat, drink and think. Beaming provides yummy, healthy, nutrient-dense options all while creating an experience for everyone who enters into one of their cafes. The colors are bright, the people are beaming (imagine that!), you can tailor your smoothie/juice to the way that YOU want it (low-glycemic options, superfood add-ins, etc.) and because it’s so healthy it draws an awesome crowd of active, like-minded individuals.

The owner and founder of Beaming, miss Lisa Odenweller, is also a fantastic person who I love collaborating with. She was inspired to create the cafe after a talk she went to given by the fabulous Kris Carr (who you KNOW I love). She felt empowered to take control of her life by taking control of her health, and she wanted to share that with as many people as possible.

Hmmm, sounds familiar, yes? I write this blog, and I wrote my book, because I felt empowered to take control of my life through being kind to my body, and I wanted to share that with all of YOU! Say hi to the gorgeous Lisa below! beaming3Beaming has a delish plant-based menu with an impressive lineup of superfoods and innovative  combinations that make the best smoothies and juices around. I am an addict… they literally see me in there every day. That’s why I am super excited to have a relationship with them and to be hosting an event there!

When you feel good on the inside, it radiates on the outside. And that does not mean that you have to sacrifice flavor! In my book I want to show you that you can be healthy, eat delicious food, pack your body full of nutrients, feel amazing and fuel yourself to stay active without being restrictive or obsessive. Beaming has a very similar message, soooo we want to show you how much fun and how awesome being healthy can be.

Plus, I love meeting and hanging out with all of you. The event is going to be a super fun time.

To RSVP, send an email to [email protected]. If you have any Q’s, ask her or myself! SO excited to see you there if you are coming. The event is free! 

And for those of you who are not L.A. local… I will share the smoothie recipe, photo & step-by-step instructions on the bloggy the day after the event! Yippee!unnamedP.S. Have you checked out the awesome GIVEAWAY I am hosting for everyone who preorders in the next week? Hint: it involves Justin’s Nut Butter, THREE NutriBullets, DRINKmaple yumminess, CaliScrubs body scrub, a free SUJA cleanse and WAY MORE.


PCtTZX6IM6N3insru9_Zc6S9T1oWVCEtKTWtYg3CuagTo enter the giveaway, simply preorder the book here & send your purchase receipt to [email protected]. There are 10 gift baskets, but everyone who preorders will get the free recipe ebook when it is ready! And first 500 get a signed book plate. YAY.

Hope to see you at Beaming this Thursday!!!