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October 1, 2015

Sooo if you know a thing or two about my personality, you know that I am always open to trying anything that will help me channel my inner CALM. I am notoriously high strung, full of energy, an overanalyzer, stresser to the max & a total insomniac. I can hide it well in most settings, but when something tips me over the edge I am DONE-ZO– and all “calmness” zooms out the window.

Anyone who knows me super well has likely experienced that anxious side of me. Two weeks ago my sweet, lovely intern Danika experienced my c-r-a-z-y manic side for the first time (well, my really, really, really manic side for the first time at least) because my baby kitten Hudson got stuck under the dishwasher. As you can imagine, and as anyone would have, I FLIPPED out. Every possible awful thing that could have happened while he was stuck rushed through my brain– such bad & scary things I won’t even say them on the blog because no one needs to think about a kitten getting hypothetically seriously injured or dying…

Quite frankly, I lost my sh*t. And Danika was there to pick up the pieces. I swear  had she not been here I think I would have gathered every ounce of strength and adrenaline in my body to rip the dishwasher out of the wall with my own bare hands so I could get him out. Then again, he was stuck under the wires which was the WORST PART because I was earth shatteringly terrified of crushing him or electrocuting him in the process of moving the dishwasher.

It was traumatic. Times a million.

But even in less scary and stressful situations, I am known to go a little overboard with the panicking. Has anyone ever wondered WHY I am so drawn to yoga, meditation, running, bubble baths, reading, me time, traveling, etc? It’s because I NEED that downtime, exercise and that type of distraction in order to live my daily life without letting my raging anxiety take over. I am such an over thinker in every situation, and finding relaxation techniques like yoga has changed my life in so, so many good ways.


Because of my tendency toward the extremes when it comes to NOT being able to relax, when Shine Organics asked me to join their “Show Us Your Time to Shine” campaign and explain how I channel my inner CALM in my every day life, I was so, so in. I try to keep my blog pretty uplifting on most days, but I also try to be real with you guys. And to let you in and give you a little peak into what it’s like in the hours before I channel my inner calm– that makes me happy because I’m sharing a little piece of my soul with you. If you’ve dealt with issues regarding finding your own calm, you’re not alone.

So, on that note, let me tell you a little bit about the fabulous brand that inspired this post. As their name indicates, they are an organic healthy brand with a line of pouches made with special blends of mindful ingredients meant to feed the moment. And as I mentioned the blends are in POUCH form, which you know I love since I am so on the go and I love anything that makes staying healthy easy. 


Of course among all of their yummy flavors, the CALM variation is my favorite. Not only is it in a pretty purple pouch (I am so into purple these days — as you can see with a few of my latest Instagram posts!), but the combo of banana, pumpkin, chia, blackberry, vanilla, passion flower and coconut successfully combines almost ALL of my favorite things into one. (And I say “almost” because putting absolutely everything I love into one pouch would be overkill, lol.)

And it’s so, so perfect for Fall with the pumpkin and coconut! Can anyone say Pumpkin Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies?!

Anyway, in the CALM blend you are getting…

  • 240MG OF OMEGA-3 (ALA)

Can I get a HELL YEAH?! So many awesome things in this healthy, on-the-go, mindful little pouch with incredible messaging.


My favorite way to eat enjoy blends is when I am craving something sweet but I know I want to stick to a healthy fruit combo. It is also a great post-workout treat that will flood your bod with vitamins and minerals, and it’s super easy on the stomach to digest.

And to address their campaign initiative of how I channel CALM in my daily life: YOGA. Yoga, yoga, yoga. Without yoga, I would be a ball of nerves. And trust me, when I go a few days without practicing I definitely am a ball of nerves. To combat that issue, I keep my yoga mat rolled out on the floor beside my desk (perks of working from home) so I can lay down and stretch and channel my inner zen when things get a little rocky.

I love, love having the mindful little reminder to stay CALM as often as possible. When I’m not doing yoga, I have learned certain breathing techniques to stay calm (maybe a post on this next?!?) and the types of exercise I need to do to get all of my nerves and anxiety out so I can sleep peacefully at night. Above all, I’ve learned that staying true to myself no matter WHAT is going down keeps me calmest of all. Trying to be something/someone I’m not, or trying to ignore emotions that are not always the easiest to deal with always leaves me feeling anxious and the opposite of calm.


How do YOU channel your inner calm?!

Check out Shine Organics & show them some love. Here they are on Instagram, Facebook Pinterest, depending on which social channel most strikes your fancy.They are available at Target– along with so many of my other favorite organic and healthy goodies right now. With so many incredible products out there right now, there are no excuses to stay away from healthy, nutritious, organic food & snacks anymore. Sorry, but I simply won’t let ya.

Have you tried Shine Organics before?! What’s your favorite flavor? Or more importantly, what’s your favorite sentiment– CALM, PURIFY, ELEVATE or REVIVE? They all have their place, but you know which one is my fav!