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Taking Care Of Yourself from the INSIDE Out… #GLOW!

August 21, 2017

Happy Monday and happy SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY, beautiful humans! Where were you today when the solar eclipse took place? I’d love to hear!

I was in a kundalini class, deep in the middle of a crazy visionary meditation, but I’ll get to that because kundalini is way high on my list of learning to take care of myself from the inside out.

But before we get very far, I wanted to tell you that this post is sponsored by Kopari, 100% organic coconut oil beauty products because… I am obsessed. In love. They’re amazing. And today we will be talking top 5 hacks for taking care of yourself from the inside out, including BEAUTYYYY.

Solar Eclipse Energy!

I have been feeling the energy of the solar eclipse super, duper strongly these last few days. Mercury is also in retrograde, which is showing up in my life in various ways… considering I left my debit card at a gas station in Paso Robles (#middleofnowhere on my way back from Santa Cruz this weekend), I got a parking ticket in Santa Monica on Saturday, annnnddd I very much thought I misplaced my wallet today and after scouring my car, purse, and kundalini studio for it… I found it at home on my coffee table. #palmtothefaceemoji

Beyond those silly little retrograde happenings that have so graciously tuned me in to paying more attention, slowing down, and being more careful with my sh*t, the eclipse has also been very powerful for me in very positive ways.

I have been feeling my intuition even stronger than usual lately, and having visions and premonitions of things that have 100% been happening and coming true. People who I knew I would come back into contact with have been showing up in my life, projects I felt I was supposed to be taking on are presenting themselves to me, and people I know I am about to see are showing up in the same place as me right before my eyes.

That will be a blog post in itself (would you guys be interested?) that I am more than excited to share. It has been NUTS. If one of these projects that I envisioned comes to fruition as I think it might, you guys will be the very first to hear.

Photos by the amazing Tamara Muth-King

And even beyond all of that, this eclipse energy has me thinking about how crazy important it is to take care of ourselves from the inside out.

I used to think taking care of myself meant focusing on the outside. “If I look good, if I’m fit and thin, if my skin is clear, if I am happy and smiling… then I’ve got it all. Right? RIGHT?!” <— my old inner monologue.

Now, I’ve realized after years and years of this sort of mentality that true health, true happiness, true magic, comes from within. 100% from within.

Then we do have the chance to have it all. Inner and outer, because when it comes from within then we radiate it to the outside.

So, I’ve compiled my top 5 ways to take care of myself from the inside out. I hope you enjoy!

Top 5 TBB Ways To Nourish Yourself from the Inside Out //

1. Nourish Your SKIN!  So this might sound like more of an outer beauty thing, but quite the contrary my angels. Our skin is our largest organ, and what we put onto our skin soaks right into our bodies and affects everything from our bloodstream to our endocrine system. Our skin soaks those bad boys right up!

Right now my faaaavorite way to nourish my skin is through Kopari‘s 100% organic coconut oil products. I have long used their organic coconut melt (yes, it’s as heavenly as it sounds) and their Coconut Body Glow, which are both 100% organic, vegan, phthalate-free, cruelty-free & GMO-free… but only recently have I discovered their whole line and YOU GUYS, I AM HOOKED.

They use organic coconut oil straight from the Philippines, all of their products are made as natural as possible with the safest ingredients, they use NO parabens, sulfates, silicones, toxins, or GMO’s, and they also use cutting edge chemistry so even though their products are natural they totally work.

Since I do so many sweaty workouts I am super into the Coconut Crush Scrub, because it polishes my skin in the shower and gets rid of all of the nasty oils and toxins that build up in my pores. Because yes, I am prone to all sorts of breakouts… it’s just the way I am.

Also, their Coconut Body Milk is truly to die for. I love the way it smells and since I am big on texture, you can trust me when I say — I also love the way that it feels on my skin!

2. Eat What You LOVE! Does this come as a surprise to you? If you love junk food… then it might. But I wholeheartedly believe that eating what you love, from a true place of intuition (not from craving, or emotion, or fear-based conditioning i.e. “I’m starting a diet tomorrow so I need to eat ALL THE COOKIES today!!”) is the healthiest, most beautiful thing we can do for ourselves.

For instance… I was in Santa Cruz with my family this weekend and we decided to hit up a local ice cream shop on my dad’s birthday. Do I eat ice cream? Sure, but not often. Have I felt guilty in the past for eating dairy and sugar simultaneously? Absolutely, and THAT was unhealthy. The guilt is unhealthy. Enjoying what we put into our mouths is the whole fun after all, so enjoying what we eat is super important.

Santa Cruz deliciousness at The Penny Ice Creamery ringing in my dad’s 71st!

I like to practice the 80/20 rule. Meaning, I eat very healthy, clean, whole foods about 80% of the time, and 20% of the time I let myself indulge, I eat treats and eat at yummy restaurants I love with people who make my heart happy. I have found that treating myself this way yields better results in terms of how I approach food, because… I enjoy it, so I am not obsessively wanting more or wanting to restrict.

It’s a win, win. And my insides are happy when I truly listen to want I want and I don’t deprive or on the flip side, overdo it!

3. Ready for this one? KUNDALINI YOGA. Yep, I’m going there. The spiritual route. I think everyone needs some form of meditation in their lives, and since I frequently get asked how I quiet my mind during meditation (yes, it’s hard for me too! Super hard!) and how I got into meditation, I feel compelled to say, loud and clear… KUNDALINI.

Until I tried kundalini yoga, I didn’t think meditation was for me. And now my life has been so greatly enhanced by the practice and by the stillness I am able to feel in my mind, body and soul during and after a class. Kundalini yoga is a technology, so between the chanting, the movements, the kriya sets, and the teachings — it has the capacity to radically shift your life, if you are open to it.

Where I love to go in LA is Nine Treasures Yoga, and I also love my girls Britt and Tara of High Vibe Livin. If you are interested in trying out kundalini, shoot me an email because I am happy to recommend some books. I love the practice so, so much.

4. LED LIGHTS! So, you guys know I have been on the LED light therapy train, by way of my now good friend Heather Parkin of Holistic Light Therapy. Soon I’ll be having her on the podcast to chat all things light therapy and holistic healing so you guys will get the full scoop, but I was hooked from the very second that she told me her sister was able to get off all of her meds from her serious bain + head injury post-skiing accident a few years ago. Light therapy is amazing for everything from inflammation to acne / skin issues to insomnia to headaches to depression to SO MUCH more.

I tried it on my dad this weekend in Santa Cruz for his arthritis (who saw the Insta Story?!) and I wish so much that he lived closer so I could do it on him all the time… but so far he felt a lot of relief and was very relaxed which makes me happy.

I am very into these alternative treatments right now from LED light therapy to acupuncture to reiki…. because look at the state of our world, the state of our food, the state of our healthcare system, on and on… and can’t you just help but think, we have to make a little (BIG) change in the way we do things? Primarily the way we take care of ourselves, so we can radiate our findings from the inside out. Who is with me?

5. SLEEP! I know, I know… it might sound obvious. But who here REALLY gets 8+ hours of sleep per night? I am guessing very few of you. I had so much trouble sleeping for YEARS (actually, my whole life) but lately between the alternative healing methods I have been doing, the CBD oil I have been taking (DEF need to do a whole post on this!!!), and overall just taking way better care of myself and being kinder to myself, I have been sleeping a heck of a lot better.

Our bodies can’t function without sleep. Without enough of it, we get sick, we get rundown, we get irritable, we get depressed. Sleep is key my loves, so make those adjustments you need to so that you can get a nice, restful, rejuvenating night of sleep as often as POSSIBLE. Every night, dare I say it. 😉

Okay, thoughts?! What else would you add to this list that I missed?

Who is going to run out and try Kopari?! I highly recommend it — as with everything I mention on this blog.

Authenticity is more important to me these days than EVER… and it’s important to me that you guys know I love that I share with you. <3 Kopari’s coconut oil based beauty products are the BEST for so many diff things… my skin soaks it in and loves it! 

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