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March 26, 2018

Happy Monday, my loves!

It’s time to add onto my “WHY ___?” series, featuring some of the fab wellness practices & go-to’s you guys ask me the most about. Because let’s be honest, I am obsessed with all of it, and I never stop searching for all of the high vibe amazingness to add to my routine.

We’ve covered “Why Probiotics?” “Why Panchakarma?” & “Why CBD?” to name a few… and now it’s time to hit up one of my favorite skincare practices!

This skincare must is also BUDGET-FRIENDLY, because I never want to neglect or alienate those who are dying to incorporate all things wellness & high vibe into their lives without breaking the bank.

You can buy one of these bad boys for about $8 on Amazon, and if you take good care of it, it will last you for a longggg time. There also more expensive options, depending on your preferences which I will link to throughout!

So, what is this skincare technique that I am raving on about?

Drum roll please…


Or should I say, gemstone rolling in general!

We all know I love crystals, so the first time I heard about putting crystals on my face for SKINCARE, it pretty much sounded like the most exciting idea ever.

Jade rolling has so many benefits for our skin, from the spiritual to the scientific. Of course I fell in love with it for the woo-woo reasons initially (crystals… I die for them), and wound up reaping the very pragmatic skincare benefits on top of it.

So let’s dive right into the WHY //

+ SPIRITUALLY… gemstone rolling has been an Eastern skincare practice for centuries, as jade is associated with protecting against negative energy and helping to balance our body’s energetic life force (or chi).

+ In Traditional Chinese Medicine, jade rolling is right up there with acupuncture & cupping when it comes to balancing us out where we are out of whack. Think anxiety, fatigue, pain, exhaustion, female problems, skin issues, etc.

+ SCIENTIFICALLY… jade rolling increases blood circulation, assists in lymphatic drainage, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

+ It also helps serums, lotions and cleaners soak more deeply into our skin (right now I am loving my Botanics facial oil from their Organics line, CLEARstem anti-acne stem cell serum (created by my girl KAYLEIGH CLARK), Natura Culina cleansers, and all things Cocokind — especially the Turmeric Stick)

+ Personally I have found that jade rolling and rose quartz rolling for 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes at night has reduced the puffiness in my face TENFOLD. It helps to drain the lymph so the bags under our eyes are not quite so dark / puffy, our cheekbones pop, and overall our face is slimmer and more naturally contoured.

+ It helps to stimulate collagen, brighten your complexion, and due to the energy-balancing properties can even boost your mood.

+ Our facial muscles store a LOT of tension (especially if you’re a grinder like me… #TMJproblems) so the roller helps to release those muscles and iron everything back out.

+ My facialist told me the other day that when her clients have terrible acne she spends the majority of time with them doing lymphatic drainage massage. The massage is extremely light to the touch since the lymph is directly under our skin, and it helps stagnant energy and fluids under the skin start moving to clear the way for releasing toxins.

And then there is the HOW //

+ The traditional way to do it is to roll the jade or quartz roller in an upward motion (we never want to pull our face down — gravity is already doing that LOL), working from the neck toward the forehead. Then move in an outward motion so the toxins and buildup are able to drain through the lymph nodes. (We have glands on either side of the neck, under the jaw, and behind the ears.)

+ Also, moving in the upward motion will help the skin cells absorb more product because of the way that they are shaped. Our skin is so sensitive, it will be so happy for the extra absorption boost.

+ You can do it for as little or as long as you’d like, but my preferred timing is 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, when I have the time. That is when I really see the most benefits. Then when I am able to work regular facials into that routine, the benefits sky rocket!

+ It is shocking SIMPLE! It also feels REALLY GOOD and I like to spend a lot of extra time around my jaw line because of my TMJ.

Does it Actually Work? //

+ The most common question is… does it ACTUALLY work? (My BFF Rachel Mansfield asks me this daily, lol.) I think as with everything, we have to try it for ourselves and see if the practice resonates with us. For me personally… the answer is YES! Many of you know I struggle with hormonal acne and extreme skin disorders due to autoimmune responses, and this practice has greatly reduced inflammation, redness, puffiness, and acne… as well as contoured my face and made me feel more like ME!

+ There is no denying that it stimulates blood flow and collagen, because once you roll for about 10 minutes the proof is in the pudding. Your face will SHOW YOU what’s up, and it will feel and look very “drained” (lymphatically, not the tired kind of drained) and awake.

– If jade rolling doesn’t do it for you, I am also obsessed with this rose quartz roller. Rose quartz is all about LOVE, self-love, and self-care… so if you are trying to up your self-care vibes, this is a great place to start and will equally stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation.


+ Store your rollers in the fridge for an extra anti-inflammatory effect and a really delicious feel-good cooling facial massage… especially if you’re prone to redness and breakouts!

+ Meditate with the rollers once you get them and give them a purpose. Just like all crystals, your gemstone rollers will want to be given a unique purpose in order for the spiritual healing benefits to be ignited. You can even sage them or use Palo Santo to cleanse the energy when they first arrive to you!

+ Clean them under boiling hot water every few days to get the germs, products & toxins off — especially since you’re using on your face daily!

Options //

I linked to the $8 roller that I think is amazing. Take good care of it because I have noticed the wiring is a bit delicate so mine broke in my travel bag (sad) but then again I could have wrapped it up nicer before traveling and that wouldn’t have happened!

This is my personal fave rose quartz roller, and it works extremely well.

This is the jade roller I bought after my first one broke and it comes with a Gua Sha massage tool as well… which I also love!

YOU HONESTLY CAN’T GO WRONG so don’t feel obligated to spend more $ — they are all equally good in my opinion.

Should I do a YOUTUBE Tutorial for How to Jade Roll?! I just ordered a new vlogging camera and I am so freaking excited.

Thoughts?! Into it?! More skincare posts?!

Currently working on a FACIALS IN LA post that will likely go live this week… annndddd hosting a GIVEAWAY of one of my fave skincare serums (BOTANICS!) on my latest IG… go enter! You can enter as many times as you’d like!! XOXO


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