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May 1, 2018

Hi my babes!

Ahhh, I cannot even tell you how good it feels to be HOOOME in L.A. & getting back in the swing of things! Well, getting back in the swing of things for a few days at least, before I head off to True North in Nor Cal for my water fast in May. If you want to read more about water fasting & why I’m doing it as a part of my holistic healing journey, head here!

Today’s post is all about something I have become extremely passionate about over the last few months for various reasons (which we will get into)… going PLASTIC-FREE!

Or, to be totes realistic, going as plastic-free as possible BECAUSE we still live in modern day society & going 100% plastic-free (while an eventual goal of mine) is tough to do and requires a ton of prep & knowledge. Let’s start SMALL and work our way up!

So, let’s get into WHYYY I am so passionate about this topic.

It all started when I realized that drinking from plastic water bottles & refillable plastic jugs (think Sparkletts… nothing against the brand but that’s the one I was using in my refillable h2o dispenser in my apartment) was MAKING MY ECZEMA & OTHER CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS WORSE.

I started feeling a deep intuitive knowing that drinking from plastic day in and day out was causing stress on my body. Then like clockwork, after my intuitive hits about it, I had multiple intuitives, mediums, and health professionals tell me that drinking from plastic was causing my skin to have a very averse reaction and was very physically taxing on my internal organs.

And whether you believe in what the psychics tell me or not… it makes SENSE when you think about it. When water has been sitting in a plastic bottle or jug for weeks, months, YEARS depending on how soon it gets to you… think about what is going into your body along with the water. It could start as the purest water in the world, and EVEN if the plastic is BPA-free, other chemicals are laced into water bottles that can seep out if the bottles are exposed to heat or they sit around for a long time.

Many of these chemicals are possible endocrine disruptors! And I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble keeping my hormones regulated as it is.

I share a bunch of tips & tricks below about my best tips for going plastic-free, eliminating plastic water bottles (and more reasons why they suck) and other easy ways to eliminate plastic, but first… A SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY BRAND I LOVE. I discovered them, fell head over heels, and the rest was history.

Let’s talk about MY FAVE plastic-free beauty brand!

I am thrilled beyond thrilled to represent the brand Seed Phytonutrients in this post, the first-ever beauty brand to use shower-safe paper packaging! Not only are they sustainable in their packaging, but they also support organic American farmers, preserve seed diversity, and are completely farm-fresh & NATURAL.

The formulas they use are good for the environment and good for our bodies & skin & hairrrr, while supporting the livelihood and businesses that propel local farm communities to do, and expect, better. Seed Phytonutrients is not only a beauty brand consumers can feel good about, but it’s a marker for the way in which beauty can, and will, operate in the future

I truly believe they are sparking a massive movement and I am thrilled to be at the forefront of it (with all of you reading, because you ARE here for a reason after all) and I am so glad to support a brand who supports those closest to Mother Nature — from farmers, to environmentalists, to companies who have led a sustainable agenda for years. They should be so celebrated in their efforts, imagine how hard that is in today’s economy and what many consumers look for.

Also some REAL TALK about how well these products work… I have struggled to find a natural shampoo & conditioner that really works for my hair for a long time now. I am a natural, mostly makeup-free, totally non-toxic beauty freak, but I also spend top dollar to keep my bright blonde locks BRIGHT and shiny at one of the best salons in LA.

Why? Because it’s important to me. Hair is a big part of our identity and as woman I believe we should embrace all that makes us feel beautiful and vibrant and fresh.

So when I tried out these products with their sustainable packaging and farm-fresh ingredients and seed-rich formula and farmer-supported ethics and THEY ACTUALLY WORKED, I WAS FLOORED & JUMPING FOR JOY! I have been using them for two months now and they haven’t made my blonde dingy (huge plus), and the conditioner legit gets the tangles out (EVEN HUGER PLUS), and on my current regime of washing me hair only 1-2x per week the shampoo really does get the job done.

Head here to shop their hair collection and fall in love!

I also love that the brand stands behind the motto that natural, clean beauty is synonymous with healthy living. How we feel and what we choose to put into our bodies is as important (if not way more important…) than how we look on the outside. True health radiates from the INSIDE out.

They also support local American family farmers which is so heart warming and important in this day and age. I hope that I will have the chance to visit one of their farms in the near future… a trip is in the works so stay tuned for that. When I feel passionate about a company and their ethics, I GO ALL IN. But you knows already know this. 🙂

Anyway, I have given my shampoo bottle from Seed a THIRD LIFE by using it as a vase for my bouquet I picked up at the farmer’s market this weekend. I love thinking that before this was a shampoo bottle, it was probably someone’s cardboard box… and now it’s my vase! And will be my vase again the next time I buy fresh flowers! MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Minimal waste is so important and is going to be a huge focus of mine moving forward.

You can also check out Seed’s body collection and face collection here! I am a fan of all of it and am especially thrilled about the hair products.

P.S. How cute are these Seed products in their natural element… THE EARTH… at a waterfall in Bali!??! This facial hydrating lotion is a fave. 🙂


– Plastic water bottles are just not sustainable, no matter what the packaging says about it. They are not biodegradable, and they use vast quantities of fossil fuels and water to be manufactured, produced, and shipped around the globe. Toxins from degrading plastic bottles (what happens when you don’t recycle…) can seep into the soil and into watersheds and could last for thousands of years to come. JUST NOT GOOD.

– ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS IN THE PLASTIC! I said it before, but it’s worth saying again. 😉 And when my body knows it’s drinking something that has chemicals in it… it never, ever tastes as good. Not that you’d even want it to. Even BPA-free plastic can be laced with other chemicals, and no one knows the outcome of what they can do to our bodies in the longterm.

– Beyond just water bottles & food products, eliminating plastic in our every day lives through beauty products / home goods / Tupperware / etc. is incredibly good for lessening the toxic load in our environment, reducing our carbon footprint, supporting environmentally friendly & sustainable (and often organic) companies, and so much more. It’s easy to find when you keep an eye out for it, and I know a lot of us don’t have time or energy to do the research soooo I have done it for you and have a handy list of ideas in this post, between beauty products & other plastic alternatives!

– There are so many easy alternatives! You can easy buy durable, re-usable water bottles like this one that I am obsessed with, easy reusable glass STRAWS (these are so fun) that make drinking everything way too much fun, or reusable stainless steel straws (you’ve seen these on my IG — they even come with cute little cleaner brushes!), and this fun hydro flask for your coffee / tea / whatever beverage you prefer when you’re out or at home (plus they come in so many colors!).

* PRO TIP: Bring your hydro flask to your local coffee shop or juice bar next time you’re out for a coffee or juice or smoothie, and ask them to use that for your beverage instead of one of their onetime use plastic cups! It might seem small but if enough of us start to do it, it will make a HUGE difference over time.

So it’s needless to say, I became interested in going plastic-free for one reason (my health) & then became extremely passionate about it for another (the ENVIRONMENT) — and the two reasons doubled on top of each other are enough for it to become an obsession for me!

Another fact & interesting plastic-free fact: Someone I know suffers from Alzheimer’s, and his family is up on all of the latest brain health research to prolong his memory & preserve the quality of his life as much as possible. His wife was telling us the other day that his doctor recommends that all of his supplements and MCT oils (great for brain health & memory) come in GLASS BOTTLES rather than plastic to keep them toxin-free.

I thought this was so fascinating and I was thrilled to hear that his doctor is advocating plastic-free. A brand his doctor recommends for supplements is Metagenics, which are avail around LA at health food stores but also easily on Amazon at that link!

Will you join me in the quest to go plastic-free?! I think these beauty products (definitely check out Seed Phytonutrients!), and the reusable water bottles, straws, and hydro flask above are some of the east places to start. Let me know what you think and if you’re in to create some plastic-free magic with meeee!! We could even make it a group challenge? Maybe in the Soul on Fire FB group?! #TBBTribe always knows what’s up. 🙂