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Quitting Coffee + Some of My Fave Coffee Alternatives

September 18, 2018

Ohhh my never ending saga with coffee! I quit, I go back to it, I take a break, I reintroduce it, I try to have it once a week, I end up having it every other morning… I try to tell myself I can just have decaf, but decaf is just as acidic… I’m telling you, it’s a saga!

If I didn’t have Jonathan a.k.a the coffee police, I would still be sipping on an iced cold brew every morning. And while I really hope to be able to get back to that point (and I will! I am determined to heal my body), right now the truth is my histamine levels are just too high to enjoy a cup of coffee every day, or hardly ever.

It’s a saga because I LOVE it, and it’s really the only thing that has been incredibly hard for me to give up in my healing process. You guys know I am dedicated to getting better beyond anything, so you’d think avoiding an acidic cup of coffee would be a no brainer, but I am in love with so much about it… the ritual, the taste, the act of making it, the way it wakes me up and makes me feel so alert and energized when I have no natural energy right now… I could go on.

Anyway, for now I have accepted I just cannot be a coffee girl. If I could truly stick to having it once a week, like Sunday mornings at brunch for example which was something I was trying to do for a while, I would probably be fine. So cross your fingers for me that my all or nothing personality can handle having it once a week without going overboard!

The good thing is there are so many amazing coffee alternatives these days. I am not here to tell you that hot water with lemon and ginger is going to cut it and make you feel alert and amazing, because while I wish that were true for me personally… it really doesn’t cut it. Yes, it’s alkalizing and hydrating and anti-inflammatory and crazy good for you so it IS a good idea, but it is no freakin’ coffee replacement!

Luckily a few things are. In this post I am going to share with you some of the best alternatives that have helped me stay off of coffee (most of the time at least), and a few key things I remind myself to stay on track.

BY THE WAY… if you do not have high histamine levels, Lyme, or other chronic illness you may not have to worry about coffee. A lot of people in my life can drink it daily and they’re completely fine. I am not here to tell you what to drink and what not to drink! I cannot wait to get my body to a healthy and stable place where I can drink coffee again… and I hope that day is sooner rather than later.

One thing to keep in mind though if you do drink coffee is sticking to a mold-free, ORGANIC brand. Coffee can be a mold powerhouse, so you do not want to drink just any coffee. Some brands I love are: Bulletproof, Chameleon Cold Brew, Koffee, Alfred, and Erewhon (those last two are only in LA).

My Fave Coffee Alternatives //

1. MATCHA! Matcha is my number one go-to right now as a coffee alternative because it actually does serve to wake me up the way coffee does, and it tastes amazing too. There are also great health benefits which you can read all about here, from the antioxidants and chlorophyll packed in matcha green tea to the moon stabilizing and concentration benefits. I find that if I make it or order it in the right way, it can be delicious and satiate that morning urge for coffee too.

My favorite way to make it right now is with steamed coconut milk and a tablespoon of coconut butter, and lots and lots of stevia. If I order it out at a coffee shop I usually order an iced matcha americano with a splash of coconut milk, and I bring my own stevia. A great brand is Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Matcha — and be sure to use the code BLONDE for 15% off of all Four Sig products.

2. MUSHROOM COFFEE! You knoooow I am all about the mushroom coffee. And to answer a common question I get asked, no mushrooms do not irritate my mold intolerance. Adaptogenic mushrooms do not have that affect on me, and I tested it out by not having them for four months earlier this year… four very sad months! My current favorite adaptogenic mushrooms are as follows…

+ CHAGA: Chaga is my favorite adaptogenic mushroom because it literally tastes like coffee & I love, love, love the way it makes me feel. It is packed with antioxidant properties that support daily wellness, energy levels, help to protect immune functions, and cause major alertness. Honestly having too much chaga can feel like having too much coffee — the jitters and all! It is a very clean source of energy and I loooove the roasty taste. Shop it here from Four Sig, my fave brand. This is not sponsored btw I just love them so. <3

REISHI: Reishi provides an AMAZING sense of calm, which is basically the opposite of that jittery coffee feeling. I personally like to make a little latte with it and drink it before bed, and it helps me get into a much deeper sleep. When I *am* able to drink actual coffee, I like to add it in my coffee to offset those jitters!!

I have mushroom coffee pretty much daily because it is the only thing that tastes like that roasty coffee flavor that I so miss. It also gives me a more clean, sustained energy than anything else with no crashes.

3. RASA KOFFEE! Another adaptogenic coffee brand I am obsessed with, that was started by a working mama who needed to get her coffee fix but wanted to do so in the healthiest way possible. You can use the code BLONDE10 on their site for a 10% discount too. 🙂

They have 7 adaptogens & 2 mushrooms in their koffees, plus 4 other herbs that are great for detox, lymph health, and digestive support.

But back to those adaptogens… I want to tell you more because I get a lot of questions about them and why they’re good for us. Adaptogens are herbs that are clinically proven to help your body adapt to stress. They work with both your endocrine system and your nervous system to actually make you more resilient to stress—getting triggered less, and bouncing back more quickly. 

So for those of us with nervous system issues, Lyme, mold, endocrine issues, adrenal issues, etc… it is definitely a much healthier alternative for our systems.

4. Dandelion tea! You guys know I was very into dandy tea for a while then I cut back because I was afraid I was allergic to it (I got full body hives while drinking it frequently). I haven’t reincorporated it a ton yet but I no longer think it was causing my issue. It is DEEELISH and I have a few recipes with it here! Making fun elixirs is a ritual in itself that helps alleviate the whole coffee issue.

5. It’s all about the MINDSET above all else. Every time I want to go for the coffee, I remind myself how it makes me feel: acidic, jittery, stomachaches, etc. I love it for sooo many reasons but nothing is worse than feeling like I have accidentally poisoned myself by just drinking too much coffee! When I want it I make myself one of the above drinks or take myself for a little walk.

Would love to hear your fave coffee alternatives or if you’re someone who is able to handle it. 🙂 Tell me!