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Why Adaptogenic Coffee Is LIIIIFE + A Huge FOUR SIGMATIC Sale !

July 23, 2019


I had to pop in today to tell you that my favorite beyond favorite brand of all brands — not kidding, my O.G. podcast sponsor & the best of the best — FOUR SIGMATIC ‘shroom coffee is having a huge flash sale this week that you need to know about!

Basically, it’s a special coffee offer that will run through Friday the 26th (but I’d hop on it now!) just because they love ya.

In this sale you get up to 25% off + free shipping for top bundle + YOU GUYYYYS (TBB TRIBE YO!) will get up to 40% off because you get to use my code BLONDE for an additional 15% off!

So yeah… this is huge! I love that they are offering a sale like this for our very special tribe because I want everyone to be able to share in the love and experience the magic of adaptogenic mushroom coffee.

Don’t forget to use dat code BLONDE for that additional 15% off!!!

So let’s talk mushroom coffee, shall we?

a) no, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms

b) mushrooms are an INCREDIBLE kingdom of their own, and they have amazing health benefits and adaptogenic properties that we will get into

c) it doesn’t give you the jitters the same way that coffee does

d) adaptogenic mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, & Lion’s Mane all have UNIQUE properties that work with YOUR SPECIFIC body to bring your bod & your health back to homeostasis

e) what that means above is that if you need alertness, the shrooms will adapt to YOUR body to bring you alertness; but if you need to rest and give your adrenals a break, the shrooms will adapt to you that way.

BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS, the fungi kingdom and the plant kingdom really have things figured out. We humans really don’t. And we have so much to learn from these precious, foraged mushrooms & plants and the way they are able to adapt to all sorts of harsh circumstances that we as humans tend to have much more trouble with.

Really, if you want to learn more & go DEEP into foraging, the properties of each mushroom, the origins of the company, the origins of fungi and more, listen to Episode 85 of my podcast with the founder of Four Sigmatic: TERO Isokauppila!

We get into all of it, of course. Tero is a massive inspiration. ANNND he wears cool mushroom pants all over town & he basically lives at Erewhon the way I do so we have a lot in common. 😉

Now I wanna share with you one of my favorite ways to drink Four Sigmatic so you have an idea of what to do with the coffee if you haven’t tried it! (It comes in cute, easy packets and they also have K-cups and they also have “coffee” beans… SO EASY !)

My favorite way to make a Four Sig latte below…

Adaptogenic Shroom Latte Recipe //

1 cup almond mylk (PRO TIP- get a frother, it will change your life!)

1 packet Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee mixed in 1/4 cup water (blending will make it even better but if you don’t have the time, use one of Four Sig’s hand-held frothers or just mix really well with a spoon!)

Lots of cinnamon

A healthy dose of stevia

FROTH THAT MYLK, and pour it over the coffee!! ENJOY! YOU CAN DRINK IT HOT OR COLD !

Another fave here…

Vegan Bulletproof Shroom Latte //

1 cup almond mylk (PRO TIP- get a frother, it will change your life!)

1/4 cup hot water

1 packet mushroom coffee

1 packet Chaga shrooms

1 tablespoon coconut butter

Lots of cinnamon

A healthy dose of stevia

OPTIONAL BONUS- 1 tablespoon cacao powder to make it chocolate! If you’re really into the BP life, add 1 tablespoon MCT oil (I don’t do oil but I used to!)


And because their Mushroom Coffee is certified organic, GMO free, vegan, gluten free, and Whole30 Approved, it fits into everyyyybody’s lifestyle.

I am not sure when else you will be able to try adaptogenic mushroom coffee for 40% off (LIKE WHAT!) so I would recommend trying as much as you can!

Head to this link, and use the code BLONDE at checkout for that additional 15% off.

My favorite products are the good ol’ mushroom coffee, the Chaga, the Reishi, and the MUSHROOM LATTE !!!! Jonathan loves the turmeric latte more than life. And I love me some mushroom hot cacao always, it’s like hot chocolate.

And do yourself a favor and buy their super easy frother while you’re there!

Lastly it’s always nice to know you are supporting good people when investing in a brand. Tero is an amazing human, and the people who work with him are all so kind and amazing. I ONLYYYY support brands who are kind, respectful, down to earth, sustainable, easy and fun to work with… and who are good people.

That said, get over there !!! 40% off lasts through Friday! Code BLONDE is important to get that additional 15% off! XO

(P.S. if you’re seeing this late, the code BLONDE will always work there for a discount!)