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February 25, 2020

Hey guys! Psychic, otherworldly, amazing, beautifully awakening things have been happening over here lately and I want to share some of them with you. I hold back sometimes from writing posts like these because it’s hard to describe just HOW quickly and deeply I feel myself changing and opening up — but I am going to try!

AH! Where to begin?!

If you have been following along for the last few years then you know I have had quite a spiritual & psychic awakening that pretty much correlates to right when I started to get very sick with Lyme. Because as we know, there are NO coincidences. I deeply believe and know that people who fall very ill with a chronic illness are being called to wake up spiritually, psychically, and tap into our deeper intuitive nature.

I also believe since a lot of people don’t listen to that intuitive call, and much of western medicine teaches us not to heal in that way… that’s why many of us stay so sick. But that’s a story for another day.

A little background…!

When I think back to being a child it all makes sense — this psychic stuff. I always had a wild imagination, and instead of going to sleep at night and dreaming as normal, I would lay awake and create my dreams. I would decide what I wanted to dream about, dream it up in all of its eccentricity and glory, and then when I would finally fall asleep would continue creating & elaborating upon my chosen dreams while I slept. I went straight into a fantasy world that felt as real to me (or more real) than being awake.

I thought this was normal! I thought that’s what it meant to fall asleep and dream at night! This was always an incredibly fun experience for me, and it wasn’t until I got much older that I started to realize that simply letting my head hit the pillow and falling asleep would be much more restful of an experience. Still working on that… #insomniac for life, lol.

My first shape shifting vision experience //

Anyway fast forward to just a couple of years ago. I had a trip booked to Ojai for one of my best friends’ birthdays, and out of nowhere got a message on Instagram from an old friend of mine (who I met doing my first EVER branded post on the blog 7 years ago!) saying, “If you’re ever in Ojai, come see me… I have some messages for you from the angels.”

And I was like… WHAT 😏😏😏

I had never heard of anything like this before, really. But it was undeniable that I was already going to be in Ojai and that something with the universe was up. And I have always been curious, open, and up for anything. At that time I was already getting into kundalini, reiki, and was obsessed with talking to psychics for TBB Podcast, so the timing is always divine as usual.

When I got to Ojai and sat down with her, I learned that she was a shaman who worked with energy and the alchemy of energy. She spoke to angels, beings from other realms (beings we may call aliens!), ancestors, and beyond. The moment I sat down with her something DEEP started happening between us. Our third eyes were pulsating and she was crying. She told me about the Pleiadians and all about how I was super connected to them.

Still, I was like WHAAAATTT! This was all just so new and at the time I was only partially aware of what was going on.

But again the connection between us was undeniable. Then, something opened up within her energy and I was able to see… wait for it… GALAXIES in her face. And other faces that were not hers. Faces that resembled old, Native American women and men. Then full blown alien faces, and then her face disappeared and all I could see were the stars. It was gorgeous. And semi terrifying because I had never seen anything like it.

What did I do? I screamed. And gasped. A LOT. And then cried a little, because it was beautiful, and it was such a harrowing moment for me to realize that everything I had previously thought about the world, consciousness, why we’re here, other realms, etc. was kind of just… wrong. I was raised in a very “down to earth” household where we barely spoke or thought about religion let alone spirituality. My mind was opened in a huge way that day.

I have since had this incredible woman who opened me up that day, Nicola, on my podcast which you can listen to here!! We go deep on all of the celestial stuff and more.

After that I remember coming back to LA, going out to a fancy dinner with Jonathan for our 6 month anniversary, and telling him that I saw Nicola’s face shape shift. I couldn’t possibly get the gravity of what happened across to him and HOW much it changed the way I thought. I vividly remember him being like, “OK, yes, I heard you, I get it…” because I just couldn’t shut up about it, although I still barely had the words to describe it.

Then it continued… & got deeper! //

Other incredible things like this had been happening for a while. If I thought of someone off the top of my mind, they would often show up in my path the next day or I would run into them somewhere. If I started thinking about something like kundalini yoga, I would meet 5 kundalini teachers the very next day. It was so wild and so cool, and I started becoming less and less surprised by these deeply guided and divine experiences.

Then, after several months passed, I saw another person’s face shape shift. This time it was another shamanic teacher/friend of mine, Shaman Durek who you can listen to on the podcast here. After that happened I figured okay, I must be able to see SHAMANS faces shape shift but no one else. However, that day Shaman Durek told me that seeing peoples faces shifting was a gift of mine and encouraged me to hone that skill…

From there I have seen it quite a bit in many different people that I love. It started with people I am very close to like Jonathan — when we soul gaze and peel away the layers I am able to see things deep within his face that are so beautiful and SOUL deep. Souls, ancestors, past lives, spirits. And then with other close friends of mine who let me into their energy field I have seen incredible things — that make time stand still, make my heart race, and remind me who I am in my core. Who we all are. Cosmic beings.

Now I speak to the Pleiadians every day, in my meditations, my writing, and even just in daily moments without my trying (imagine how confusing, although amazing, but still confusing this can be for me sometimes! lol) and they have told me so much about this gift. It’s really an ability to see people’s energy, and their souls, and it has come to me because my purpose in this lifetime is to be… you ready for it?

A bridge between worlds.

This is what has been told to me, and shown to me, time and time again. Both in visual representations and in words alone, the spirits always tell me — Jordan, you are meant to be a bridge between worlds.


When you think about my human design (Reflector), my astrological birth chart with my Aquarius North Node, my life experiences and the blogging career I have fallen into, falling debilitatingly ill with Lyme and having to face my darkest demons and basically peel back every single layer of who I thought I was, and so much more — it all. makes. sense.

For the last few years it has been a fun gift and I have created some special things with it — like my course Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul (which relaunches this Sunday AHHH!), poetry, writing, channeling sessions, etc. but mostly it has just been for fun and a fun aspect of my being to explore. I know now I am in a place where I am ready to take it deeper. I am ready to do the work and truly unblock myself from seeing what the depth of these gifts have to share with me/us.

Over the weekend it became exceptionally clear to me that my guides and the universe and ultimately my higher self are very ready for me to go down this path in a real way. I don’t fully know what it entails but I do know I am ready for it and I am excited to see what comes — and I also know this path will be very healing for me on a physical, Lyme disease healing level.

The awesome thing that I saw over the weekend that really made it so clear to me it’s time to do this was my DEAR FRIEND Jenna Zoe shape shift into so many beautiful things — a giraffe, a monkey, an avatar (my first time seeing one), and then she remained this very beautiful, watery avatar creature while we chatted for so long. It was the longest time I have ever been “inside” of someone’s energy field / spiritual aura and it was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Even the feelings in my entire body shifted and my heart cracked open in a way I have never felt before.

IT WAS WILD. And it reminded me of everything I have been told leading up to this point… by mediums, spiritual teachers, and beyond — go down this path. Open up psychically. Do the work. And you will heal.

The beauty and synchronicity in all of this elates me.

And by all means I want to share this very important piece of it — I am not telling you all of this because I think I am special or different in any way (I mean we are all special and different but that is the point) — I am telling you this because we ALL have spiritual and intuitive gifts and I believe it is time for us to go deep into them. We are being called to go deeper, to wake up in bigger, greater ways.

Also, I had to go deep to get here. I have had many near death experiences with Lyme and experienced the “death”/exorcism of my ego/human self in a plant medicine journey. It was terrifying and woke me up in a BIG WAY.

If you are here reading this blog, whether you are new or you have been here for a long time, I know it’s time to go deeper. We are all ready. And amazing things are happening. We are all part of something so much larger. 🙂

A photo from our wedding where I feel my eyes were bluer than blue because of how present, happy, connected I felt.

A few other things that have been happening lately… my eyes have been getting bluer and I have felt them intensify in a way. I have felt even more connected to the universe in so many ways — and I also believe a lot of this has to do with how I eat- SOS-free, vegan, whole foods from the earth, and food combining. Sometimes people can walk through the door of my home and I ALREADY SEE GALAXIES in their faces — before we even speak! Meaning I am meeting more and more people who I am supposed to be connected with on this path. 🙂 It has been so beautiful, and so exciting.

Ok tell me your thoughts! I want to hear everything!!! I love sharing all of this with you and can’t wait for all of us to go deep, deep, deep together. If you haven’t yet done my Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul course mark your cal for this Sunday — so so thrilled to reopen it!

PS there is so much more to say. This barely scratches the surface. I cannot wait to keep sharing more and more!