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10 Healing Things I Do Every Day to Feel My Absolute Best

July 23, 2020

Hello my loves!! How is everyone doing?

This month is FLYING… like woah. I have been taking a lot of downtime and have really been structuring my days differently, all focused around healing and feeling my best every day.

You guys know this is hard for me, real hard, but I try. And so far, it really seems to be working. I have been very focused on doing LESS, and the outcome is that I am actually accomplishing more, feeling more fulfilled, and also feeling a hell of a lot less sick on a day to day basis.

What does doing less mean? It means actually only actively working for about 2-3 hours a day, give or take, and then allowing myself to focus on other things for the rest of the day — whether that be healing, reading, meditating, going on walks, exercising, taking baths, sitting in the sauna, listening to podcasts, brainstorming and writing, hanging out with people I love, etc.

This is NOT EASY for a former workaholic, let me tell you. But my body is thanking me for it, my mind is thanking me for it, and I have realized so many things about myself in the process.

Like… there is so much more to life than working. And when you are busy working, it’s easy to forget that sometimes. I always say that getting sick has been such a gift in my life because I have simply had no choice other than to completely refine the way I go about life, and then continuously refine it again and again whenever my body speaks to me and tells me to do so.

So!!! My days lately have been awesome! And I want to share with you what I have been doing that have all been making a big difference in how I feel day to day.

The main question I get every single day on social media, the blog, and beyond is what are the TOP THINGS that have helped me heal from Lyme Disease and find relief?! And while that list is always changing and I also have so much more healing to do, I definitely have my daily lifestyle practice to thank for feeling so much better than I did just a mere few years ago… and even a mere few months ago, because things are always changing.

So let’s get into it!! My top 10 healing things that I do every day!! Keep in mind you can and should absolutely refine these and make them your own because we are all different — but this is what works for me and I am so grateful for these little life hacks that keep me feeling my best.

TBB’s Top Ten:

1. Sit in my sauna. Okay let’s start here… sweating in an infrared sauna has changed my life. Yes, it has to be infrared because infrared heat penetrates the skin 5-7x deeper than regular heat. It helps to release toxins in your body which are then carried out through your sweat, it helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin, it is great for skin because it stimulates collagen and encourages dead cell tie off, it burns calories, relieves pain, and greatly reduces inflammation in the body. It has changed my WORLD.

I got a home sauna about 2 years ago, and I swear by my Clearlight (use the code BLONDE for a discount!). But I know a home sauna is not an option for everyone, so if that is your case then search for a sauna place or gym near you that may offer infrared saunas. In LA I love Sweatheory and Shape House! So yes every morning I wake up, make my celery juice (see below), turn on my sauna and sit in it for anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. It helps SO MUCH with my Lyme joint pain and fatigue… it literally eliminates so much of the pain, puffiness, and heaviness (literally and figuratively) I wake up with every morning. It is EVERYTHING !

2. Drink celery juice! Ahhh celery juice, the best in the world. If you are not a celery juice person or you just can’t stand it, then any green juice in the morning will do. I like celery specifically for its incredible benefits with skin, digestion, cell regeneration, liver detox, anti-inflammatory properties, and beyond. Say what you may about celery juice, but it has singlehandedly healed me from SEVERE eczema and cystic acne, and helps me immensely every day with digestion, skin, energy, symptoms of Lyme and EBV, and beyond.

If you want to learn more about it listen, to my two episodes with Anthony William of the Medical Medium on TBB Podcast! Also, I drink 16 oz every morning minimum, which is recommended for those of us who are healing. 🙂

Celery juice specifically has changed my woooorld. Take my word on this. And give it some time. It is not an overnight fix, but 5-6 months in and you will realize that so much has changed- skin, digestion, EBV, fatigue, etc. Trust me.

3. Get outside in nature. This one is a non-negotiable. On days that I don’t get outside and plant my feet into the earth, I am a different person entirely. Nature gives me that breath of fresh air that I so desperately need. Even if I only have the energy to get outside briefly, 10 minutes is better than nothing. I love to walk, hike, and ideally plant my feet directly into the sand or the soil or grass somewhere. A great way to do this right now is to have a picnic outside or go on a walk with a friend.

Whenever I start to feel stress and anxiety creep in, I get outside. In my healing journey I discovered forest bathing… which literally means spending time in a forest and soaking in the negative ions and high frequency vibrations from the trees, plants, soil, wind, and animals in nature. I believe many of us get sick because we are being called back to nature. Nature is everything. 🤍

This is also when I MOVE! Movement everyday for me is so key. Either outside or inside for a MWH workout or a yoga flow… so, so, so needed. And I am always walking! As my husband says, I go on at least 5 walks a day 😂 (on a good day)!

4. Lymphatic facial massage. I love giving myself a daily lymphatic facial massage, to get that drainage moving. Not just to reduce puffiness in appearance but mostly to relieve pressure in my sinuses (chronic histamine issues… my Lyme people get me) and the extreme tightness I experience daily in my jaw. I LOVE using my Wildling Beauty gua sha crystal for this along with a light facial oil like jojoba. Sometimes I even do this in my sauna but it is always part of my morning or evening routine, and on the days I don’t do it I really notice the difference.

5. I optimize my digestion. I do this in a lot of ways, but one of those ways is with Arrae herbal supplements for bloating. Hot tip… they also have supps for Calm which is amazing on those high anxiety days (which seem to be a lot lately). I LOOOVE my Arrae Bloat capsules! They are full of potent digestive herbs like ginger, dandelion root, lemon balm, peppermint, and slippery elm. The founder is in TBB Tribe, Siffat, and she is amazing! Since I have started taking these my bloat has gone way down and I am love, love, loving how I feel after every meal. Such a game changer. I also drink digestive teas all day long which we will get to!

6. I eat plant based… obvi. And food combine! You guys know I am all about that SOS-free, vegan life. Eating in this anti-inflammatory way has changed my life. It has also made me deeply passionate about the vegan cause for the animals and the environment. I know at this stage in my vegan journey I could never go back. I also food combine which helps immensely with how I feel and keeps my inflammatory Lyme symptoms at bay! More on this in my 22 Day Detox Program!

I could talk about this for days but the plant based life honestly makes me so happy- I am so passionate about it I could burst. Food combining really changed the game for me when it comes to eating light to heavy… so I feel more light and energized all day long, ending the day with my biggest, most nutrient-dense meal!

7. Drink digestive teas. I am a tea drinker all day long. My main go-to’s are peppermint, lemon balm, red raspberry leaf (especially during my cycle), Egyptian licorice, ginger, lemon, you name it! I am ALWAYS sipping on tea. At night I like to drink a tea called Smooth Move that really helps with digestion. If you have Lyme or another chronic illness you know that sometimes digestion just literally crawls to a halt. We are dealing with a body, immune system, and stomach that needs a lot of support. So that Smooth Move tea most nights helps me a TON!

8. Surround myself with high vibe loved ones. I mean this is just a given. When I am feeling really sick and unwell I can get into a reclusive mode where I fear that doing anything with anyone will deplete me to the point of no return. That is a really sad place to be, and after years of dipping in and out of that place I just try to not let myself go there anymore. Of course sometimes I still do, and alone time is amazing and something I so cherish, but having my close friends, family and Jonathan to lean in has been everything in my healing journey. The more time I spend with people I love, the better.

Now that being said, it has to be the right people!! People who are not on my frequency always tend to leave me feeling exhausted AF. So keeping those high vibe friendships close is where it’s at. 🙂

9. Coffee enemas daily! This is huuuuuuge. You have seen me talk a lot about digestion in this post. I do a coffee enema probably 5 days out of the week. Some weeks I do them every single day. This helps stimulate glutathione in the body, increases liver detox through the bowels, and so much more. Head here to read all about coffee enemas and how to do them!! Also, they are a big part of my 22 day detox!!

10. SLEEP. This is another given, but one I am very much still working on. I am trying to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. If you guys saw on IG… Jonathan literally bribed me with a purse that I have been dying for so that I would wake up at 8am every day in the month of June. And it worked!! I also take Cured Nutrition CBD every evening before bed… their mint tincture! (Code BLONDE for a discount).

So there you have it my loves! My top 10 go-to’s! Save this for whenever you may be having a down day and needing a little extra boost, or for when you’re wondering what I have done to get to this next stage of healing. I hope you love it. Would love any and all thoughts below, or anything I missed. Love you guys to the moon!