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✨ the great conjunction ✨ what is it? how to prepare? let’s harness that portal energy! ✨

December 19, 2020

Hello my angels!! You’ve probably heard by now that something very special & potent is happening astrologically on December 21st, and if you haven’t then let me be the first to tell you. ✨ (Specifically at 12:21pm as well as right after Sunset… and also at 2:01am WHICH LITERALLY makes my heart leap out of my skin for obvious reasons!).

BEYOND the fact that we know it’s coming, I am sure many of us have been feeling it. Do you feel like ideas are coming to you clearer, things you have been visualizing and manifesting for a long time now are flowing your way with ease, that a portal has opened up between you & the Universe and you can feel it ALL? Perhaps your energy is dipping low or rising high, old patterns are coming up so you can finally break them, or things have just been emotional. Alternately, maybe you’re feeling high on life. Or all of that in one day? Every day? Just me? Lol.

So let’s discuss. What’s happening is called ✨ The Great Conjunction ✨, and I have so many things to say about it. Per usual I have a bit of a unique approach to this day, because I am TBB after all and I never quite agree with everything that people say about something. But I do pick up bits and pieces, research a shit ton, hold onto what feels true to me, look to my guides, channel about it and then form my own opinion. So that’s what I’m going to share with you today!

First & foremost just know, this day is massive. We are being called to wake UP on deeper levels. Things are shifting on the planet. Our manifestations are flowing to us with ease & grace. Old, stale things are ending so that what is meant for us can flow into our lives. And if you’re anything like me, ideas are flowing in like wildfire. It’s time to harness them & truly bring them to reality + fruition.

Astrologically, What is Happening?! //

In essence, what is actually taking place is that Jupiter & Saturn will be coming together in the sky in a “great conjunction,” getting closer to each other than they have been in 800 years — literally within touching distance! They will form one big star in the sky & it will be visible to the naked eye just after sunset.

The conjunction itself is taking place in Aquarius, which is an air sign (it’s also my rising & my North Node!!) that depicts innovation, humanitarianism, independence, forward thinking, weird & out there stuff, the Internet, friendship, massive forward change, and doing things differently. In many spiritual schools of thought the Age of Aquarius that we are in now & getting deeper into after this conjunction is where the NEW EARTH will rise, and things will be done differently. Success will be achieved differently. It’s the FLOWY way.

In my opinion this means that the divine feminine, flowy, effervescently light & easeful energy will rise as the new way of doing things, and society as a whole will get a huge upgrade to doing things in a more light filled way. Basically, the 5D way. 🤩 Many of us have already been doing this, but it has not been accepted in society or considered the norm. For example when I left grad school to blog full-time and my entire family was petrified & thought I had lost my mind — and it ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done. Fully guided by intuition. That is just one example of many. Divine trust, blind guidance in source & the utmost faith. Faith is a big word coming in right now, overall.

Aquarius is also the sign of intuition. It’s intellectual & idealistic, very romantic in many ways. So the fact that Saturn & Jupiter are meeting in this beautifully intuitive and innovative place in the night sky marks a huge change for humanity as a whole. For the last two centuries the great conjunction has taken place in Earth signs, all about stability & grounding. A more masculine way of doing things. That served us on this planet up until this point, but we are reaching a new time. A New Earth.


What are people saying about it?! //

This event is also linked to biblical times, to the fabled Christmas Star of Bethlehem that led the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus. So many people believe this will be the Second Coming of Christ, or at least will by leading us closer to the Second Coming. Others believe it will be the apocalypse & the end of the world (don’t worry, it won’t) which is a darker approach to the conjunction that I very much do not agree with. Us workers of the light know & believe that this ascension on the planet will only bring good things.

There are a million other theories out there. That half the world will die and half will live. That anyone who isn’t living in the 5D light will vanish. On & on. Again, in my opinion, those theories are dark. I don’t do dark. I do shadow, but not darkness.

What people are saying that I fully agree with is that on this day a huge portal to the cosmos will open up and it will be the most potent day of the year to manifest and call in what we desire. It’s also the BEGINNING, so there is no rush. If you don’t feel a massive change on the day of, that’s okay and there is nothing to be disappointed about. Many people believe we will wake up on the 22nd feeling brand new upgrades in our bodies & spirits — and that I definitely do agree with.

There are so many other opinions too — and I really love what a lot of light-filled teachers & friends of mine have to say about it. It will be a portal, a gateway, a rapid ascension and and escalation of all of the upgrades we have been experiencing all year. If you are tapped in, you have probably been feeling it for months now. I know I have been feeling it for at least 8 or 9 weeks… experiencing WILD, previously unexplainable things & my life has changed vastly for the better during this time.

What is TBB saying, thinking, feeling, transmuting, experiencing?! //

Here’s what I think. We have been moving toward a new earth, a new way of doing things, to the 5D ascension for a long time. This year it’s like we’ve been put in a time machine basically and all of the lessons, upgrades, ideas, pattern breaking, ascension, and “death of self” / die off of the ego & old way of doing things has been turned WAY up — so that essentially if you’re paying attention, and doing the work, then you’ve kind of accelerated 20+ years of work in a single year.

It might sound like a lot but I deeply believe this. I believe it mostly because I have experienced it firsthand, and this year it has been shown to me just HOW MUCH I came to this earth to experience them in the deepest way so that I can transmute them and share them to help heal the collective. It’s the work of a really, really old soul who has done this many times. It’s also the path of the wounded healer. It is easy? Absolutely not at all. Is it worth it? Yes. I know in my bones it’s what I came here to do it and it is a MASSIVE freakin relief to be living my dharma and sharing from the deepest core of my eternal soul, through lifetimes.

My life in the last few months has been INSANE. In the absolute best way. I will try my best to put it into words because the work & healing of lifetimes has taken place. Starting at the end of September, big shifts started to happen in my life. It began with the culmination of debilitating, full body anxiety that would send me into spiraling panic attacks & nights on end of absolutely no sleep whatsoever. This was not new for me, but it was obviously intensified. I turned 30 October and it was a beautiful celebration of life, and I started to feel a bit more at ease, but the anxiety was still raging. I was SO AWARE that deep upgrades of energy were taking place so I allowed myself to stay along for the ride.

My psychic abilities were opening and heightening at warp speed. That part was actually very exciting. By the end of October, I was feeling more in control & in power of harnessing this MASSIVE amount of energy. My highest soul self realized that the anxiety was being caused by an influx of energy & light shining into this earth (from the cosmos) and that those of us who are awake to it can really, really feel it. From there, I went through a serious death of the old self. It was beautiful and intense. I cried for DAYS about shedding old skins, releasing old patterns, letting go of old friendships / relationships that no longer serve me (do you know how hard this is for a Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Reflector Soul to do!??!), and WATCHED my life transform before my eyes.

From there, I regularly entered portals with close souls in my life almost daily. Because of the letting go I finally allowed myself to do, there was room for new energy & FRESH, alive, aligned humans to come into my life. I am also referring to people who have been in my life for a long, long time (as well as a few new) — our relationships deepened and flourished in a way my soul had been dreaming of. It was everything I needed and more. With that support, I kept diving into these portals. TIME stopped feeling like it existed. I would regularly sit on the couch with a dear friend (Jenna I am looking at you!!) and 11 hours would pass in the blink of an eye. Next thing we knew it would be 3am and I would be simply too bamboozled to drive, grocery shop, or do anything human because the upgrades were so otherworldly & intense.

LIFETIMES of pain were worked out in those portal sessions. They were never planned, they just happened. In Santa Barbara a few weeks ago I entered massive portals with my sweet Kenzie, another sister through lifetimes, and we healed so much by reflecting our journeys back to one another. The journeys have not been easy. They have been deeply painful, and deeply parallel. But through that pain we have risen. I truly believe to LIVE in the light & manifest with great ease, one must shed the old stories which requires going through the mulch. Releasing the lineage pain. Forging a new path by believing in (and then acting ON) a new way.

Jonathan and I also went on a deep aya journey, which you can read about here, that entered me into a portal LIKE NEVER BEFORE. It’s important to note that all of the other portals I’ve spoken about have been 100% natural (no medicine or anything), while this one was more so assisted by plant medicine. However the medicine assisted me for weeks before and weeks afterward, continuing to uncover truths & reverse old patterns & to quote one of my old TBV Apparel shirts, “LET THAT SHIT GO!!!” It’s been MASSIVE.

How to Harness This Portal Energy?! & ✨ Journaling Prompts ✨ //

Now, after the story above (I know it was lengthy I always have so much to say!!!), which I really hope you can see elements of yourself in, either now or in the coming months… can we all agree that my FACE HAS CHANGED? Even my body? I have been getting so many beautiful comments and messages about how I just look different now. It’s less of an aesthetic thing and more of an aura. Someone told me yesterday on Instagram that it looks like there is a halo of light around me now. I say this not out of ego at all but out of pure ENERGY. Energy sees energy. There are so many empathic, psychic, intuitive humans out there and we are all waking up. If you see something in me, it’s because it’s in you, too. I am simply here to reflect it back to you.

Okay, HARNESS IT BACK IN, JORDAN !! I am feeling myself about to go on a tangent full of so much abundant life force energy I can hardly contain myself. So there is definitely a lot more to come. But let’s focus now on harnessing the portal energy, shall we? 🤩👽

So we are approaching this New Earth. It’s a beautiful thing. In the 5D, there is only light. Only love. Only unity consciousness. In the 5D, humans KNOW that only love is real. You can learn all about this 5D ascension in my free spiritual awakening PDF, here

5D is the dimension beyond linear time & space, which means that many different timelines / realities are available to access there. Physical existence is still possible on this plane, although the body is lighter and of a different cellular structure. When the physical body is fully transformed into this light body, there is no pain. Further, there is no fear. It is the plane of unconditional love and abundance, manifest in the physical. SO CAN YOU IMAGINE ALL OF SOCIETY ASCENDING TO THIS NOW??!

No, I don’t believe it will happen overnight. No, I don’t believe that someone can go from a lower density consciousness to a higher light-being consciousness just because of this portal. But I DO believe & know, that people who are already living in the light can harness this energy to ascend, ascend, ascend into the 5D at a much more rapid pace.

To harness this energy, I encourage us all to journal, meditate, listen to this bomb ass playlist, take a hot bath, go outside & look at the CONJUNCTION & then the MOON, and call IN the energy of the cosmos that is shining brightly on us now. Take time for yourself on the 21st, and for the potent & sensitive week that will follow. Cry, be open to change, trust your ideas, tap into your inner child & creativity, feel it all. The questions below can be used as ✨ journaling prompts ✨…

I do believe our society is moving toward this utopia. Slowly but surely. Things are changing. But as they change, old ways have to die. You guys know I am passionate about food. The horrifying amount of food (and the type of food) the FDA tells us to eat… is a lie. It’s garbage & a total lie. I hate to be negative but this is just plain fact. That is why I have been talking so much about ✨ THE CELESTIAL DIET ✨ on social media, and will continue to provide so much info about everything that means & more.

So when it comes to nourishing our bodies, ask yourself during this portal: Am I eating in a way that I have chosen for myself intuitively that feels good, or am I eating in a way I have been told?

To bring that concept even further, ask yourself when it comes to every situation in life: Have I chosen this for myself, or am I following what someone else has told me? 

Am I truly happy in my relationships & friendships, or am I simply complacent because I feel like this is all I deserve and all I’ve ever known? 

Do I believe there is a better path for me, one where I am truly happy & in alignment?

Am I truly happy in my career, and what drives me? Is it a desire to do what I love, or to fulfill my role in society the way in which I have been programmed?

What in my life would I love to change that I have been too afraid to say out loud or even admit to myself?

What is my wildest dream & what is holding me back from that being my reality?

Where can I surrender? And then surrender more?

What habits can I create in my daily life to bring my wildest dreams to fruition?

Where am I still living in the density of 3D (listening to others’ voices instead of my own) & where can I rise to the fifth dimension & beyond?

Which Starseed energy speaks to me the most & how can I harness in on that heading into 2021? (More on that from me coming soon… 👽)

Where do I still feel dense & heavy in my life? How can I transmute that by shifting what I consume, with food, people, the media & beyond?

Do what feels good to you on this day. Get into nature. Don’t worry about what others need from you. Focus on giving yourself what YOU need. This is the beginning of a new way. Take it slow. No need for life to change overnight… but you will feel the divine push of the universe behind you now to assist you in your FLOW. It’s good. Real good.

More on the food portion of this soon. You guys know that merging spirituality & food is part of what I came here to do. Get ready for some CONTENT ON CONTENT about that, starting this week!

Ok those are some great prompts to start with, and I will keep the Inspo coming on my Insta, email newsletter, & beyond. We will harness this portal energy together & ascend, ascend, ascend ✨💞 into the 5D!!! WHO IS READY???? Tell me belooowwww if you are, I want to hear everything!!