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12 Things Tuesday!

May 16, 2023

Hi, hi my besties! I hope everyone is having a beautiful week so far. We are going to get right into today’s 12 Things Tuesday & we are gonna keep it short and sweet today (I know, who am I?!) because I have a day full of podcast recordings ahead of us and I still have quite a bit of prep to do!

1. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the mamas!! We had the loveliest weekend ever, filled with rest, relaxation, breakfast in bed, Malibu hangs, dinners with my favorite people, lots of cuddles, all the things I love. Sending love to you no matter how your holiday went/the feelings it may bring up. I love you. <3

2. I am currently drinking my dandy blend while Huddy cuddles on my feet, listening to Attie and his nanny play in the living room. I woke up early with Atticus today and it felt amazing to get my day going much earlier than usual. The sounds of a busy house full of love make me insanely happy… all I’ve ever wanted.

3. I went to a fun dinner last week to celebrate the investors of DEUX, the best & healthiest, most delicious cookie dough ever. A lot of you wrote in and asked me to talk more about investing in wellness brands, so I want to do a whole podcast ep on this asap. The brands I have invested in are DEUX, Pathwater, Liquid IV (my OG!!), & De Soi alcohol-free beverages. I have become so passionate about investing. Let me know any questions you have and we will go DEEP into this on the pod & blog!

4. How is everyone doing?!! Like 1-10, how’s your mental and emotional health doing right now? Share below in the comments and we can start a little pep talk train below for anyone who needs it!

5. I went to hot yoga last night and it was truly transcendent. I have had the same favorite yoga teacher for over a decade now. I used to drive to Santa Monica from LMU when I was in college 5 days a week to take his class. Now, many yoga studios later (and many life changes!!), it feels so special & nostalgic to take his class. My body feels sore in the best ways today. I am always so happy when I carve out that time for myself.

6. Jonathan is coming on the podcast today!! We are going to talk marriage, soulmates, love languages, life updates, all the things. We are also answering your questions. You guys sent in a bunch on insta, but send them in here too and I will incorporate them into the ep! <3 I am so EXCITED.

7. I absolutely love when old school bloggers still blog. Amber Fillerup is such an OG for this. Same with Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential. & my friend Kayla Neilsen — she just interviewed me for her blog & I can’t wait for it to go live!

8. I am not a big jewelry gal but I am HUGE into rings. I wearing 6 rings right now and they each tell a special story. One of them is a Cartier ring that a bunch of my best friends got me for my 30th bday. And two of them are my wedding bands — I got two wedding bands because I am very into symmetry and wanted my wedding ring to shine in the middle. And now staring at my fingers I realize I desperately need a manicure- lol!

9. Speaking on manicures… I have been getting horrible ingrown toenails lately. Like horrible!! I am not sure if it’s because I have been exercising so much this year so my feet are getting a lot more wear & tear in my sneakers than usual or what, but it’s killing me! Any tips!?!? I need a god pedicure but beyond that?

10. OMG I just realized my first podcast is at 11 today when I was thinking it was at 12. So now I really need to hustle up and out of bed once I finish this list!! Welcome to the ADHD brain. It’s a real party, all the damn time.

11. I just started seeing an amazing voice coach! When I told my friends about this last night they got really defensive over me and said that they love my voice and I shouldn’t be trying to change it at all. Really what I am trying to do is strengthen it. Ever since I had Lyme, I feel like my voice can get weak when I am not feeling well. I just want all the tips & tricks to make it as strong as humanly possible.

12. I am still working away on the BOOK and it feels so GOOOD!!!! Getting so much done and cannot wait to share updates with you guys!!!

13. I am feeling the desire to get an entirely new wardrobe. I feel like so much of what is in my closet now is no longer my style and I have just elevated in ways that I want to reflect with my clothing. Thoughts? Have you ever done this?!

Okay, that’s all for today!!! I love you angels!! Tell me how you’re doing & leave questions below for the pod with Jonathan wooo!!!