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12 Things Tuesday!!

May 30, 2023

Helllooo, my favorite humans! It is time for 12 things Tuesday!! And omg, am I the only one who feels like it’s Monday today after the long weekend?! It is the first Tuesday that I honestly almost missed the opportunity to write this because I went so off technology over the weekend & today has been wild so far. But anyway, we are here now, I am excited, let’s get IN to it!!!

1. Ok so, you all know that Vanderpump Rules is one of my main personality traits at this point. I literally opened last week’s blog post by talking about it. This weekend we went to a bar for one of our friend’s birthdays, and WHO DO WE SEE?! Ariana, Katie, and Daynaaaa from VPR!!! Dayna has become a dear friend of mine so I was thrilled to see her. But also, running into them at the height of all of this reunion madness?!?! It felt too good to be true. Literally made my life. All of my friends are joking that the *one* time I walk into a bar, of course this happens. I mean I literally hadn’t been to a bar in years so this was just the most wild & amazing synchronicity.

2. Speaking of synchronicities, I really feel when we start being open to the universe providing them to us, we become a magnet for this kind of thing. I call myself a synchronicity magnet. You can be too. What has been your wildest synchronicity lately?

3. At the very same bar, a magician walked up to our table and asked us if we wanted him to do some magic tricks / energy stuff with us. So of course I immediately volunteered. And his gifts were SO talented and crazy — I posted a clip to my IG story that’s now saved in my highlights (the most recent highlight titled “Life”). Check it out and tell me that is not WILD!

4. I took a THREE. HOUR. NAP. yesterday. I am shook because I can honestly count on two hands the amount of naps I have taken in my entire adult life. It is next to none. But I have been napping so much recently (four times in the last two weeks…), does anyone else feel extremely fatigued lately? At first I felt weird about it because when I woke up I was super groggy and out of it, but my energy has been so much better ever since so I know I really needed it. Working on not judging myself for any amount of rest my body needs. <3

5. Voice notes are superior to texting. I am so over texting, lol. But I voice note my besties day in & day out. It is my favorite thing ever.

6. On that note, I have had the same phone number since middle school. I have recently found myself thinking thatWAYtoo many people have my phone number. You’d be scared if you saw the amount of texts I can sometimes receive in a day. I am not saying this like “OMG I am so popular,” I am saying like I should not be giving out my phone number to people I barely know it is starting to feel like a real boundary issue on my part. I am thinking about getting a second phone that only my closest people have the number to, and using this current phone as my work phone. Thoughts? Has anyone else done this?

7. Happy GEMINIIII season!!! Taurus season was very good to me. I loved the grounded-ness of it and I loved the magic that it had for me. But I feel right at home in an air-sign season, as a true Libra. I feel like very good things are going to come this month.

8. I recently got my hair highlighted and I swear it makes a world of difference to have fresh hair. It just makes me feel so much more on top of my sh*t and makes me feel put together even when I’m not. Similarly I need to get my nails done soon but it has been a lonnnggg time since I have. I have only had two manicure/pedicures since I got married in 2019 which is kind of unacceptable in my opinion lol.

9. What are your favorite blogs to read?! Who else still blogs these days?! Tell me so that I have some good ones to read through! I have so, so, so missed the blogging life. I used to read like 20 blogs every morning before doing anything else. I find it to be so much more in depth & lovely than social media on its own.

10. I just got my DUTCH hormone test back &… holy moly. My hormones are WAY out of whack. I need to do a whole podcast episode on this. I was actually happy to see how out of whack they were, because it accounts for a lot of the anxiety I have been having and how off balance my body has felt. I am getting on a new routine to combat it and work with it and praying it will all help!

11. As far as jewelry goes, I am a RING girl. I am not really into bracelets, watches, etc. I do love necklaces. But I would wear a ring on every finger if I could. What about you guys? I was just thinking about it because I am watching my fingers as I type and noticing that I am wearing 6 different rings right now! They’re all super special to me.

12. Tomorrow’s podcast episode is a reeeeeal good one. We are talking about the ebbs and flows of friendship. Spilling the tea. Relationships as mirrors. It’s juicy and deep and I am THRILLED for you guys to hear it. Who is ready for it?!

Hope everyone is having an amazing day so far!!! How are my fave people doing?! Love you all so, so much. <3