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12 Things Tuesday: Detox Edition!! My Holy Grail Recs & Beyond

June 27, 2023

Helllooo, hello!! How are my favorite people doing this week?! I have been saying for a while now that we would do a specifically curated 12 things list about a certain topic each month, and today’s topic is… you guessed it, detoxing!!

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about cleansing or anything super drastic (although there is nothing wrong with that either in my opinion), but we are talking how to keep our bodies clean, clear, bright, detoxed and energized. You guys know I have all too much experience with this, as I have been healing from a wide variety of illnesses, imbalance & dis-ease for, well, most of my life.

Lately I have been back on the detox train, and I am feeling so good. Like so, so much better than I was even a month ago. After pregnancy, postpartum, and then the worst anxiety of my life (more on that in my podcast solo episodes — including an update in last week’s solo!), it was TIIIME to detox again. Majorly. So that’s what today is all about!!

Whether you are interested in feeling more energized, detoxing parasites, balancing your hormones, losing weight, longevity and being preventative, or just overall feeling better on a daily basis, I hope you find some things on this list that resonate with you!!

Let’s get into it!

*Remember, I am not a doctor so I am simply speaking from personal experience. If you want to embark on any of this and are not sure where to begin, I would recommend speaking with a functional medicine doctor or naturopath. If you have any medical conditions and are unsure of whether certain lifestyle choices like enemas/colonics/supps are right for you, consult your doctor!!

**Check out my Amazon shop page on DETOX here, to shop around and check out a bunch of the products & supplements mentioned in this post!

12 Things Tuesday, Detox Style!!

1. Remember, I am a human guinea pig! I try it ALL so that you don’t have to — unless you want to, of course! I genuinely enjoy all of this stuff and living in this healthy, calm, detoxifying way. If you don’t enjoy it or want it, you do you, but I can only speak for myself. After suffering with Lyme and various co-infections and imbalances for years, I truly believe I have found the creme de la creme of healing protocols, so that’s what you will find on this list today!

2. I know so many people in our audience are looking to balance hormones, so let me tell you about two test options you can refer to for figuring out what’s going on in your body so you can get to the root cause & go from there. First, I recommend the DUTCH hormone test (truly the gold standard for testing all of your hormones) which you can order from a functional medicine doctor who will then help you decipher your lab results. (I tank more about that in last week’s solo podcast if you’re interested!). Then, I recommend Veracity Self Care’s hormone test, which you can shop with the code BALANCED for a discount. I love that one because you don’t even need a doc to do it with, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and they will send you your results and recommend supplements from there.

3. So step one is getting to the ROOT cause!! From there, the supplement game is strong. Right now I take a combo of Chinese herbs, estrogen balancing supps, lots of magnesium, charcoal, probiotics, vitamins & more. I will do a breakdown of these specifically if you’d like me to! Let me know!

4. Now let’s get into my favorite topic: COFFEE ENEMAS! This is my tried & true post that breaks down coffee enemas for you: how to do them, where to get supplies, which brands I recommend, who they’re for, and how they work. I do coffee enemas every day right now currently because of the parasite detox I am doing. Every day may certainly be too often for many people, so listen to your body and stay very hydrated if you choose to do them often.

5. Colonics!! Similar to the coffee enema life, I am very much back into my colonics life right now. I took a little break for a while because my body was telling me to give it a rest, but once I started experiencing severe eczema/full body rashes again, I knew it was time. When toxins are rampant in the body, they will come to the surface of the skin as a last resort. I get a colonic weekly with my amazing colonic hydrotherapist (I can’t share her name here because she is very private and already booked to the high heavens), but I highly recommend finding someone near you. I love gravity colonics personally. Cleansing and detoxifying the colon, liver and gallbladder are essential for living a healthy & balanced life (especially for those of us with chronic illness or a history of dis-ease).

6. Knowing what’s going on in your body is key, especially for making sure you do the right type of detox and/or healing protocol for you. So the hormone tests I recommend above are key if you feel you’re dealing with a hormonal imbalance. If you feel you are dealing with a gut imbalance, heavy metals, mold, an infection, or all of the above, I recommend doing further testing with a functional medicine doctor or naturopath. For gut imbalances, do a stool test. For heavy metals, do a metals test (listen to Dr. Stephan Cabral on my pod for more info on this), and for mold there are various urine tests from the brand Great Plains that work best. And of course for Lyme or other infections, find a tick-borne disease specialist and go that route to figure out what is going on in your bod. <3

7. Parasites. Gross, I know. Wild. But we all have them, they’re majorly living inside of us. Some of them are harmless and they become part of our internal ecosystem as a whole. But many are not, and I have found doing a focused parasite cleanse twice a year really helps with ridding and killing parasites and keeping the gut clean. I have so many right now, it’s horrific. I am doing the brand Beyond Balance’s parasite detox blends, including their mycotoxin blend (mold), Mast Cell blend (MCAS), and Tox Ease blend. I am also taking Biocidin, because we found H Pylori in my gut which is something we obviously want to take care of. If you are doing a parasite cleanse… drink tons of water, avoid eating much sugar/grains during this time, get regular colonics and do regular enemas, take charcoal, and sweat it out in the sauna.

8. This brings me to… SAUNA! Infrared sauna is life, and when you are detoxing it is absolutely essential. While colonics/enemas/cleanses aren’t for everyone, the sauna is pretty much something I believe everyone can get on board with. Especially in small doses. I have a Clearlight Sauna at home, and you can use the code BLONDE or tell them my name on the phone to get $450 off + free shipping if you are interested in a home sauna. I also love the brand Sunlighten as another option, where you can also use the code BLONDE for a discount! Sweating regularly when you are taking these herbs and eating a clean diet is essential. If the toxins don’t have anywhere to go, then you will feel sicker while they circulate in your body. & take a charcoal binder!! (See #12). LOTS of hydration before, during, and after the sauna.

9. Mold-free everything. If you are living in a moldy environment or drinking moldy coffee, then detoxing will not be very effective because you will be re-exposing your body on a daily basis. Many of us don’t realize that we are living in mold, because it is virtually impossible to tell unless you get your home mold tested. I lived in toxic black mold (invisible behind the walls) for years and it wreaked havoc on my life, and I am still healing from that time. It’s insidious, and scary! I get our home mold-tested twice a year with a professional, and there are also online tests you can buy & send in to the labs like the ERMI. Make sure you are drinking a mold-free coffee: I recommend the brand Kion!!! 100% mold-free & trustworthy beyond. Go to for a discount! And tune into the founder on the podcast in tomorrow’s episode!

10. Acupuncture, chiropractor, body work, breath work — take care of that precious body! When you’re detoxing, things come up. New pains, stagnant energy, emotions bubbling to the surface, stiff muscles and joints. I have experienced it all (and currently am!). Find a good bodyworker that you trust, or if you are more of an acupuncture or chiropractor person, find your practitioner of choice. If this is out of the range of possibility for you right now, do stretches at home and possibly use a foam roller. Cupping works wonders during a detox, as well. Breath work can help to release the stagnant emotions that get bubbled up, as well as meditation. <3

11. Water with lemon. This is easy-peasy and as close to free as possible. Lots of hydration is so, so key. Last week I was super dehydrated and I felt AWFUL every day while doing this parasite detox. I just couldn’t seem to get enough water in and felt extremely nauseous. I was taking magnesium but things weren’t moving through me because I wasn’t hydrated enough. Sip water throughout the day, and add lemon and pink salt for extra benefits & hydration. Also, electrolytes! I love Liquid IV, LMNT & Ultima for electrolytes.

12. Charcoal! If you are are detoxing, sitting in the sauna, taking herbs, etc. then taking a charcoal supplement of some kind is absolutely crucial. I love this one. It helps to effectively detox and rid your body of everything from mold to bile to harmful chemicals. It stops it from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The toxins are then passed out of the body in the stool. A binder is a total must! I also like taking clay supplements for this reason.

13. Red light!!! A lot of you have noticed the fabulous LumeBox red light that I have been using lately because it’s been all over my Instagram. You can use the code BLONDE with LumeBox to get a fantastic discount!! Red light helps with recovery, healthy skin, reduced joint pain and inflammation, mood and energy, sleep, and beyond. This one does not have harmful UV light and is very low EMF!! The BEST. <3

14. (I know, I know, I am going way over our usual list here). If you are chronically constipated… Mag O7!! Oxygenated magnesium. It will change your life. Take at night on an empty stomach with 8-12 oz of water. The water is important, otherwise it can cause tummy pain if it doesn’t get to work its magic.

Okay, that’s pretty much my holy grail list of tips, tricks, recs, habits & products for you guys!! Any questions?! What does your detox journey look like at the moment?! Check out my Amazon shop page on DETOX products for links to everything mentioned in this post!!!