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12 Things Tuesday!

September 26, 2023

Hiii from my bed!! I usually write this from my unofficial office by the ocean in Malibu, but today I am bringing it back to my roots and writing from my comfy, cozy bed. I am getting a little extra downtime in today and I will tell you why below. Hope everyone is having a phenomenal week! Let’s get into it!

PS who has checked out the new angel number collection?! If you have a Libra in your life, it is the perfect time to buy a bday gift like a cozy mug or our iconic hoodie ORRR our 201 crew, just sayinnnn. 😉

12 Things Tuesdayyyy <3

1. I took an incredible yoga class on Sunday and I am SO SORE right now!!! It is wild because I used to do a powerful, sweaty, vinyasa yoga class every single day of my life and not feel sore/tired from it, but this really shows me how much I’d like to prioritize that in my life again. The teacher I went to was one of my favorite, favorite teachers from back in the day. His classes are transcendent. The whole time I was in the room my body was begging me to do it more. So that is my goal from now until the end of the year… to get back into the routine and habit of going to a REALLY good flow class at least a couple times a week!

2. On that note, Jonathan and I were talking about how much the fitness industry has changed since the pandemic. It used to be that going to an in-person workout class was part of so many of our lives, our social routines, and our overall habits. It was a place to meet up with friends, blow off steam after work… just something everyone seemed to do. Now people have gotten really used to either working out at home or just gotten a bit, dare I say, LAZY? I know that I got super accustomed to my at-home 20 min workouts rather than a 60 or 90 min, really juicy IRL class that inevitably worked my body much harder. I am not saying that working out at home is lazy (it actually takes great discipline!) but it’s just kind of wild how much the industry as a whole has changed. I hope it continues to go back to more IRL stuff, I think it’s good for our bodies & souls.

3. Currently wearing the coziest, pink silky pajamas and this is just a random reminder that if you don’t have a silk matching PJ set — get on it. It makes me feel like I am a kid again and I just love it.

4. Have you heard last week’s episode with Durana Elmi, COO of Cymbiotika?! She is unreal. I am loving hearing how many of you have enjoyed the episode. It sounds like it was a lot of people’s favorites. She has such a cool story. Tomorrow’s ep is a fun deep dive with Jonathan. Always my favorite kind of episode to do. You’re gonna love it!!!

5. I am still going to the chiropractor 3x a week and doing a yoga rehab program for my back. It has only been about 3-4 weeks but it is helping a lot already. I will be on this schedule for 4 or 5 months until I start to taper down. So happy to be putting my body first again in this way. My back & my neck NEEDED IT. I was starting to feel like I was 600 years old.

6. Attie is talking so much now. It is so fun. Some of his latest words are “ON” & “OFF” but the way he says off is like “ahhhvvfffff.” Kind of like he is starting to say “avo” (his favorite word/food) but then realizes he wants to say off instead of avo. Lol. it is so so cute. He will repeat almost anything now and I feel like we are really getting to see his personality shine in a whole new way. He is a feisty, friendly, wildly confident, active and athletic, loving and sensitive to a fault old soul. He teaches me so much.

7. Also… he is SUCH a Sagittarius. It’s so funny because when I was pregnant with him I was praying he would be a Sag rather than a Cap, because I have some Capricorns in my life who are very challenging for me. I also love a lot of Capricorns I know but I just didn’t think I would be the best mom to a Cap if that makes sense. Now it is funny because he was meant to be a fire sign — I have never met someone more fiery. Except maybe my dad or my husband, the LEO’S!

8. Speaking of… I had a dream last night that I had two more babies at the same time but they were not twins (weird?? dream land is so funny lol) and that I was also pregnant with yet another baby (my fourth child) WHILE giving birth to those other two. The dream was so crazy. I gave birth in a meadow, unmedicated completely and had zero pain at all. The baby boy was born already looking about one full year old, and the baby girl was the newborn. They were both LEO’S so I was freaking out in the dream that I then had a family of all fire signs + me. And then to be like 3 months pregnant with another baby WHILE giving birth just made sense in the dream. I was telling everyone “just in case you thought you couldn’t get pregnant while you were pregnant, just know that you CAN so be careful!!!” Aren’t there animals that can do that? Cats, I think?!

9. Anyway it was wild because I felt like it was a sign and premonition that I am supposed to have four kids. Another boy, then a girl, then another girl… it was a really sweet dream actually. 🙂

10. I have been on a massive cleaning spree again lately. I love doing that at the turn of any new season, and getting organized has been feeling really good. I AM LOVING our Branch Basics cleaning products!! If you are looking for non-toxic products, look no further than Branch Basics. They are the literal best. Use the code BALANCED for 15% off. Get the starter kit. It’s so good!!!

11. I am SO THRILLLEDD that it is Libra season. Where are my fellow Libras at?! I will be 33 on 10/11. My Jesus year, as they say. 😉

12. Attie loves Miss Rachel. Highly recommend her if you have a toddler. She has an educational YouTube channel and is just the sweetest soul. I have her songs stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. Right now I am humming, “this is up, this is up, and this is down….” and I think it will likely be in my head all day hehe.

LOVE YOU ALL!! How are my favorite people!??! Happy Libra seasonnnn!! Tell me what your fave from this quite random list was today. 🙂