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12 Things Tuesday <3

February 6, 2024

Hello my most wonderful humans!

Welcome back to my favorite post & chit chat with you of the week… 12 Things Tuesday! It has been such a whirlwind over here, and so much fun having my brand new meditation & membership platform out in the world, ahhh! Have you joined us yet?! If so I want to hear all of your thoughts. <3

Otherwise, things have been just so fast paced it feels like… I am 16 weeks pregnant today, and it feels like that happened in a literal blink of an eye. I want time to slow down so I can soak it all in!

Let’s get into today’s 12 things!!

1. Because you guys in the blog fam are my true besties, here is a free sneak peek into a 2 minute meditation to transform your moment and change the energy of your day! A few people have asked for a peek into the platform to see what the meditations are like, and this is a good indicator of the vibe! This is the shortest meditation that we have, and the longest one is 45 minutes — and we have tons in between. I am super excited to hear what you think… tell me below!

2. If you have joined the platform, make sure you’ve checked out the community board where you can introduce yourself, make friends in your area, tell us your Human Design / astrology and all the things, and tune in there because I am always popping in to write little messages to you guys, host challenges, and plan events! (Join us here for monthly, and here for yearly pricing! This will go up in just a few days, as it’s founding members pricing! If you do yearly you get a whole month for free.)

3. We have our first live event in the platform next Monday, Feb 12th at 6pm PST with my alignment coach and astrology guru Eric Roberts! This event will be available to all members, so if you’ve joined us I cannot freaking wait to see you there!!!

4. Right now is probably the most chaotic experience I have had writing a blog post… our nanny called in sick today, so Jonathan and I have been trading off responsibilities with Atticus. Usually Attie naps from 1:30-4:30ish everyday (sometimes even til 5pm!) and today he decided to wake up right at 3pm. It’s like he knows mama is juggling work, recording, writing, a migraine, and all the things, lol. In all honesty I love an impromptu day with my boy and we’ve been having so much fun, but I wish you could see the chaos that is taking place with me trying to type this right now! 😂

5. I am still obsessed with BRICK BREAKER… I mentioned this last week, and I feel like such a gamer, but this game is literally so fun and so addictive. I play it on my iPad at night for like hours and it is such a good time to zone out my mind and just be. I find that, like reading, playing a game like this is one of the only times that my brain can chill and think about one thing at once. You can’t really worry/stress while you’re playing it because there is so much strategy involved. Random I know, but it is way too much fun.

6. Speaking of entertainment… I have also been very into Gypsy Rose’s prison documentary. I think she is so eloquently spoken and has been through so much, and I am here for her comeback and her freedom. My dream is to have her on the podcast! Let’s make it happen / manifest ittt!!!

7. Have you joined my Celestie Besties broadcast channel on IG? Lately I have been posting in there a lot and it’s been such a fun place to connect and just a spot to share random musings and hang out with you guys. I am always here for anything that creates more connection between us.

8. We are currently starting to look into planning our BABYMOON! I think we will go to Ojai this time just to make it easy and do it somewhere that is near-ish to home, and I am already so excited for this getaway and for some time with my J.

9. Did you listen to our gender reveal podcast episode from last week?!? If not, you must!! It is such a fun one! Were you right about the gender?!? I also posted our gender reveal video to my IG yesterday. 😉

10. I am very much looking for good BOOK RECS! Please leave any and all below, I am looking for something juicy to suck me in. I was on such a book bender for so long but then I feel like I read everything that I’d had on my list. Sooo help me expand on my list!! Tell me your faves!

11. The weather in LA right now is truly nuts. They’re calling it an *atmospheric river.* And although I do not watch the news, I have heard that from so many people and am not seeing it outside of my window firsthand. No one loves a cozy rainy day more than me, but with young kids who love to be outside I have to say that is definitely the hardest part. ps you know it’s rainy when every email of the day begins with “I hope you’re staying dry…!”

12. My favorite pep talk from the platform is In 100 Years No One Will Remember You (& Let’s Harness That For Good!) — if you’re in, you’ve got to listen and tell me what you think!!

13. (A bonus!) Huddy has been cuddling with me all day and he is so perfect I cannot even handle it. Cat mom for life. Where are my other cat mamas at?