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12 Things Tuesday + Things You May Not Know About Me!

March 12, 2024

Hi angels! Happy Tuesday! I thought it would be fun to do a good old fashioned “things you may not know about me” post today. You know, like circa the MySpace bulletin days?! I have always loved this kind of post and I hope you guys love it today too, just to switch things up around here!

ALSO, did you know I am hosting a live virtual event this week with my mentor & celeb psychic/medium Nikki Novo?! It’s available to all of my platform members, and you can join us here for only $11!! & if you join yearly, it’s even less!

And if you join, you also get access to 100+ recordings of meditations, affirmations, pep talks, bonus podcasts, yoga flows, kundalini classes, breath work, kid’s meditations, channelings with me (fifth dimension, baby), walking medi’s (the best workout ever) and SO MUCH MORE !

So like… we want you in there. 🙂 LMK below if you have any questions!

12 Things Tuesday // 12 Things You May Not Know About Me!

1. I have an insaaaanely detailed memory. I am the girl all of my friends and family go to to remember the name of a random person from 25+ years ago, what we all wore to prom, who dated who in high school, what our kindergarten teacher’s kids names were… you get what I’m saying. I feel like this might be a highly sensitive person thing. But even when I do plant medicine ceremonies, I am transported back to the most *random* and unlikely memories with people in places I haven’t thought about in decades!! I feel like my soul is extra nostalgic and really thrives off of spending time in the memory bank thinking about all of these things. I personally love it. But the pregnancy brain fog still hits me and then my memory is a little more iffy for a handful of months. 😂

2. I have 800 hours of yoga teacher training! This has been my passion since I was 14 years old, and it was my top goal to become a certified yoga instructor by the time I graduated high school. My parents wanted me to wait (school came first…) but I eventually was able to do my first 200-hr training when I was in college. From there, the trainings snowballed and for many years I just kept doing them & never stopped!! It was my TOP dream to teach at YogaWorks back in the day, so I did most of my trainings there. They are no longer open but it was such a gold standard place to get certified, I am so glad I did it. Over the years I have done various other trainings from kundalini to prenatal to meditation and beyond. I am so grateful I can now put all of that to good use in the medi & yoga platform!!! Especially given that I haven’t taught IRL in a long time although it used to be one of my favorite things. <3

3. I am not a car person but my husband LOVES cars and that has prompted me to notice them a little bit more. For my next car (I have had the same Honda CRV for almost 10 years and I love it) I would love a Porsche Cayenne or some kind of really cool, sleek, beautiful SUV. I love big cars. I learned how to drive in my dad’s Denali GMC (absolutely massive, like a boat lol) so I am not really comfortable driving or even riding in super small cars.

4. I happen to be a WATER SNOB. Maybe this isn’t a little known fact? I will always go for the triple filtered water, reverse osmosis, pH balanced, highest quality, all the things. Most likely this is because I have had so many health problems & I am so aware of the toxic shit that currently resides in our tap water. Right now I am the HUGEST fan of Ophora, because they are the literal best and I trust them more than anything. Their water is free of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, trace hormones, and beyond. They are nano-pure, pH balanced & 99.99% clear of all pollutants. You can order from today today for 10% off with the code BLONDE10!! You’ll fall in love. They’re called “water for wellness” for a reason!!!

5. Unusual skill I have: I can name every real housewife from every franchise… ever. But especially Beverly Hills, OC, and Salt Lake City. 😂 And I can quote any scene from Vanderpump Rules like it’s my job.

6. I believe my most soulmate of all soulmates in this world (other than my husband and son) is my cat Hudson. I know we have traveled through infinite lifetimes together. The way he looks into my soul heals me on the deepest of levels. Our bond is BEYOND words, transcendent, healing. He just takes care of me. He sleeps in my arms every night and our telepathic communication is next level. I just love him so much, he deserves all of the love and shoutouts in the whole entire world.

7. I have never, ever stepped on a handicap parking symbol in my life — it’s just a weird superstition I have that I would say has turned into a full-blown obsession. I mean never in my life have I stepped on one, walking through any parking lot ever. When Atticus runs over them with wild abandon my whole body tenses up. I know it’s silly and there is no real reason for it AT ALL but when I was really young I just felt like it would be a bad omen. So it’s something I have stuck to for my entire life. Does anyone relate to this or do something similar!?

8. On that same note, I have a lot of very obsessive habits that are similar to that one. I also never step on cracks in the ground if I can avoid it but I have gotten a little more lenient with that one over the years. It’s no wonder my parents had me in therapy when I was 5… lol.

9. I went to a tiny school that is Pre-K through 12th grade for my entire childhood in Sacramento. So my class os 42 students was pretty much the same for my entire life. I developed some of the closest friendships imaginable there, including my ride or dies for LIFE Katie, Danielle, and Eleni. I know you’ve heard me talk about them over the years!! It was a very unique way to grow up and it definitely had its pros and cons, but I am grateful for the experience and the incredible academic opportunities we got there.

10. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy in college and I had a blog called “Meanwhile in Florence”!! I still look for it and I have no idea what happened to it, but it would be so cool to revive that blog and see what I wrote about every week. 🙂

11. Justin Bieber and I had the same Lyme doctor and I have a weird feeling we are supposed to be friends. Not in a creepy stalker way but more of a I swear we have had lifetimes of knowing each other kind of way. I am manifesting it. And I love his music !!!

12. A hidden talent of mine is that I type psychotically fast. If you were sitting in this room watching me type right now you would be like holy shit – lol. Every roommate I have ever had still talks about the sound of me banging the keys when I type, even in the middle of the night (insomniac forever)! 😂

13. A bonus one… I am so grateful to have been featured in the March issue of a beautiful offline newspaper called The Retreat – a paper that helps you disconnect to reconnect. You can use code JORDAN100 to get the March issue for free, which I feel is a literal must. You can look forward to receiving it in the MAIL and read what is truly my number one favorite interview I have ever done, and the rest of the paper is stunning with so many inspiring articles & features. <3 The founder Carley is in tbb fam and she is truly a force.

Tell me a random fun fact about you!! And WHO is coming to our live event this Thursday with Nikki?! I am so exciiiteeddd!! XO