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12 things Tuesday! <3

March 19, 2024

Hi my loves!! Happy Tuesdayyy!! My favorite day of the week, the one where I get to connect with you guys on the bloggy. It’s going to be a very full day ahead, with a few podcasts and some other recordings to prep for… so this morning it feels extra good to be sitting here with my iced tea & writing to you. <3

Also, ICYMI, I wrote two blog posts last week if you feel like reading on after this one!

Let’s get right into today’s 12 things, shall we?!

12 Things Tuesday //

1. Can we get a headcount for who reads the blog every week?! Unlike social media it’s so hard to tell, and I absolutely love knowing who is on the other side of the screen. Comment below and tell me where you’re from, what your sign is, all the things. Or just say “I’m here!” if you feel like keeping it short & sweet. 😂 So grateful for you all.

2. Going through so many lessons in boundaries lately. I thought my Saturn Return taught me everything I needed to know about boundaries and who I open my heart to, give all of my energy to, etc. but I feel like I am back in the portal of learning this lesson now. The good news is, I am taking it so much better than I did several years ago. I know that we can’t change people, fix people, or really expect them to be anything other than who they are. And every time someone’s true colors are shown, I take it as a gift from the universe that I can now create more space for the more aligned & reciprocal people in my life. If you’re going through this, know that you are not alone!

3. Last week I got the stronnnggg message that it is SO HARD for me to rest without feeling the need to be productive! I was a bit sick last week and it took everything in my power to finally take a day off and not work. And even then… I was working! But when I finally just relaxed and watched Love Is Blind (obsessed right now) midday for a few hours, the next day I felt 110% more energized and myself. Such an important reminder to rest when we need to.

4. If you weren’t there live or haven’t caught the replay of our event last week in the platform with Nikki Novo, you still can and you must!!! She taught us an amazing intuition class, guided us through a group channeling, called on participants to be channeling guinea pigs, taught us about the 5 different types of intuition (and beyond) and so much more. Normally a class like this would go for hundreds of dollars, but you can watch it as our gift once you join the membership platform!!! Monthly is here & yearly (best deal) is here. Join usss and tell me who’s watching!

5. Speaking of the platform, I am currently working on the AWAKENED APRIL challenge. It’s going to blow you guys out of the water. Straight channeling, straight magic, & beyond. Can’t wait to bring it to you guys. <3

6. I love poetry. I have been diving back into so many poetry books lately that I love and it’s such a healing balm for the soul.

7. OMG… I just trademarked a NEW NAME for TBB PLATFORM & I AM SO EXCITED!!! Any guesses?! I am freaking out from excitement and joy and can’t wait to share absolutely everything with you. This is about to be a whole new era.

8. I haven’t been fully vegan for over two years now, and I still get the weirdest comments about it. I feel like there is such a misconception and odd fascination about food, diet, and the way that people eat that always really surprises me. I also know I have shared so much of my nutrition style on the internet that I am happy to get questions about it, but the fact that people are still shocked that I am no longer vegan always surprises me. You should see some of the messages I got this morning. 😂

9. Things with my BOOK are well under way and I hope I will have some news to share with you very soon… eeek!!!!

10. I am having so so so much fun with Atticus at this age and stage. He is 27 months and the amount that he is learning, speaking, sharing, communicating, etc. every day is the best thing in the world. He is so unbelievably cute and hilarious, and there are so many adorable things he does that I never want to forget. One of them is that whenever he wants a hug he shouts “HUG!!” and then comes barreling into my arms (like almost knocking me over because he runs so fast) and then he counts to 10 to do a 10-second hug. Secondly he is riding a scooter like a full on ten year old, and before he goes down this steep hill in our neighborhood he always closes his eyes and counts to 10 as if he is about to play hide & seek before he goes down… it’s the cutest thing ever and my heart cannot take it. My baby is growing so fast.

11. Speaking of babies… I am 22 weeks pregnant now. How is the time flying!!!

12. I never thought I’d say this, but I am so so looking forward to Pisces season transitioning into Aries season. This has been a heavy emotional season & I am excited for more fire + the influx of energy that comes with all things Aries. Who’s with me!

Alllll my love! How are my favorite people!! Be sure to join the platform before the Awakened April challenge, eek!!! Between us, founding members pricing will end on the last day of March, and on April 1 we will have our new pricing. You can lock yourself in for the year at this rate if you sign up now!! Love you all! PS tell me who’s reading!