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12 Things Tuesday! Life Updates, Pneumonia, Book Things, Spiritual Stuff, & More

May 28, 2024

Hi my loves!! I am back — I had to take a little ’12 things’ hiatus because I have been so absurdly sick for the last several weeks, I felt like I couldn’t even use my brain to write to you guys which was hands down the worst feeling in the world! I am back today with some life updates & more.

On that note, why don’t we just get straight into it?!

12 Things Tuesday //

1. Well, let’s just start with where I have been! 32 weeks pregnant with pneumonia 🙃 which has been such an absolute trip. I have experienced so many health things in my life, but few things have been quite as debilitating as the last few months. I think being pregnant on top of having a major respiratory illness that for whatever reason was *not healing at all* for the longest time was one of the hardest things. I don’t wish it upon anyone! I was in and out of the hospital last week, and finally got on the right combination of things to help me heal. I am still only like 30% of the way there but I will take it, it’s way better than nothing.

2. As usual, I always like to look at the spiritual side of things, illnesses included. This particular situation has been a PURGE of all purges. I feel like I have been purging an old way of being, specifically before becoming a second-time mother to this beautiful baby girl coming in. So much has risen to the surface during this illness, from old patterns and memories to things that I need to change / am ready to change, and so much more. I will be sharing a lot about this soon (probably over on my Substack — subscribe if you haven’t!!) – I have a lot to say!

3. I have fully become a MATCHA girl, especially because coffee has been giving me horrible heartburn in the third trimester of this pregnancy. I am loving the brand Nekohama for matcha, and I love mixing it with Three Trees almond milk or pistachio milk, coconut butter, colostrum, and making it a super decadent treat every morning. Over ice, always for me!

4. Yes I know I hated on matcha for years. I can’t even believe I am saying this. Pregnancy changes your taste buds and preferences so much. 😂

5. Being in bed for the last few weeks has forced me to cancel/reschedule (but mostly cancel) a LOT of things… which is always a potent reminder to me: how much of what we do on a daily basis is really that important or necessary, anyway? NOT a lot of it, and I think we could all be living much slower lives & it would do us a world of good.

6. Lots of book updates brewing on the back end… I can’t wait to share and I promise I will be sharing more soon. Definitely before the baby comes, you guys will have a big book update. It has been a journey, a labor of love, and the book is changing and shifting yet again which I am excited about and cannot wait to share all about.

7. From coughing so much, I have detonated my rib cage. My ribs are so bruised and in so much pain I can hardly function. I don’t wish this on any pregnant mama everrrrr. Or anyone.

8. The good news about being in bed for two weeks is that I have been channeling up a STORM. And reading a TON! Will do a new book roundup post asap.

9. The other good news about being in bed so much has been lots and lots of cuddles with Atticus. He has been so sweet and is such an angel. I am trying not to let him see how sick I am but he is such a pure intuitive… he feels it all. He wakes up every day and says, “You OK, Mommy?” 🥹 and I keep telling him that he has a VERY healthy mama, and I will be completely well again very very soon!!

10. I have a solo episode coming out on the podcast tomorrow, detailing my full psychedelic journey throughout the years. I think you guys are going to love it. Who is subscribed / ready to listen?!

11. Also, last week’s episode with Christy Dawn was amazingly good. If you love her, the earth, regenerative clothing, sustainability, beautiful dresses, fashion as a vessel for healing, motherhood, natural beauty, and beyond… you MUST listen!! TBB Podcast, episode 371!

12. I haven’t gotten a manicure/pedicure this entire pregnancy but I am really feeling called to get one this week. Maybe even tomorrow. What color should I get, if I do?! I also have an ultrasound tomorrow, my first one in what feels like FOREVER because I skipped my last one as I was so sick. Cannot wait to see baby giiiiirl!!

XOXO, LOVE YOU ALL! How is everyone doing?!! XO