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Episode #263

SOLO Q&A: Spirituality, Healing, Pregnancy, Off the Cuff Chats

I recorded this solo episode in full cozy cocoon & nesting mode, resting in bed while we wait for baby Albrecht to arrive (OMG, I am 37 weeks!!) and soaking up the magic of the holiday season before I embark on maternity leave (details in this episode).

I felt called to do another intimate Q&A and share everything I’ve learned and integrated during this process and how spirituality and healing have come full circle during my pregnancy. I dive into all the questions you sent over Instagram and talk about everything Soul on Fire, reflecting on my healing journey with Lyme, recent reflections on motherhood, giving birth, a spiritual deep dive, PLEIADIANS (of course), starseed magic, and the evolution of my brand — and where it is headed.

I love these solo check-ins with you, my soul fam, and I am eternally grateful for these five years we’ve shared thus far!

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