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Episode #266

Solo: Final Episode Before Maternity Leave! Updates, Spirituality, Pregnancy & Deep Talks

Can you believe it?! This is my final episode of 2021 and my final podcast before I become a mama! I will be taking some time off after this for the first time ever, and it will be so needed and so nourishing. I hope to inspire you to carve out the same space in your life. That is my main intention — to inspire others to live differently.

In this episode, I dive into your questions and wrap my head around everything that’s built up to this exact moment (3rd trimester in “pre-labor” mode in bed). I explain why I’m taking time off to thoroughly soak up this sacred time bonding with my baby, ayurvedic takeaways from “The First Forty Days” (one of the few pregnancy books that I’ve read during this time), and my intentions as a mother (OMG, so many things). Aside from baby chat, I delve into love languages (can you guess mine?!), astral projections, plant medicine plans post-pregnancy, food combining, and all the juicy TBB stuff we love to talk about.

I am so grateful to our Soul On Fire family for holding a safe space for me to be my true, woo woo self. I love you all so much. Thank you for sending your questions, well wishes, and love and light. I can’t believe that the next time I’m on the mic, there will be this magical baby boy by my side!

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