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Episode #315

All Things Skin, Acne, Anti-Aging, Eczema & More with Clearstem Founders Kayleigh Clark & Danielle Gronich The Acne Guru

Today on the show we have the phenomenal Kayleigh Clark & Danielle Gronich, the founders of Clearstem Skincare! CLEARSTEM is a revolutionary skincare brand that is both Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne with zero hormone disruptors. If you’ve ever dealt with breakouts you know that acne products dry and damage the skin which causes premature aging,  but anti-aging products keep breaking everyone out because of the thick, pore-clogging fillers they use.

The founders of CLEARSTEM are both in their 30’s and are extremely acne prone so they made a non-toxic line that targets acne and wrinkles simultaneously. CLEARSTEM was founded in San Diego, CA by two women, Danielle Gronich, The Acne Guru® (owner of the acclaimed San Diego Acne Clinic) & Kayleigh Christina (Holistic Nutritionist).

he co-founders met when Kayleigh was suffering from severe cystic acne, searching for answers, and found San Diego Acne Clinic. The two bonded over their mutual passion for holistic skin health and whole-body wellness. After doing their due diligence and finding that existing products contained pore-clogging ingredients or toxic chemicals that disrupted hormones, they decided that their clients and the world deserved better.

The formulas keep winning award after award and the hype is so real. You NEED to try this line if you want anti-aging that won’t break you out. Code BALANCED will get you 15% off your order at

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