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Episode #305

Alli Schaper: All Things Microdosing, Psychedelics, Into the Multiverse, The Future of Mushrooms & Mold Healing

Today on the show we have the incredible Alli Schaper, the founder of Into the Multiverse, the Microdosing Collective & functional mushroom brand Super Mush. She is an expert on microdosing mushrooms, psylocibin, psychedelics, functional mushrooms, the legalization of mushrooms, and so much more. I am so in awe of her knowledge and the stand that she has taken for psychedelics, and I am honored to share her wisdom with you guys on the show today.

You guys have been begging for a full episode on microdosing for a long time, and it is finally here. This one is super special. We talk about what actually happens in the brain when you are microdosing, neuroplasticity and how to shift our mindset, the future of mushrooms and legalization, how/where to get them (to the best of our ability we share this…!), healing and more.

We have also both been on a healing journey from mold and mycotoxin illness, so we discuss this as well. For any of our fellow mold healing fam, we’ve got you.

Check out Alli on Instagram and on her podcast, and check out her brand Super Mush!

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