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Episode #334

Catching Up With My Husband Jonathan Albrecht: Divine Masculinity, Couple’s Therapy, Finding “The One,” Parenting & Sex Life!

I am SOOO happy to have my amazing husband Jonathan back on the show today. We did a fun audience Q&A, and according to Jonathan we didn’t get to enough. So this is PART ONE. Let us know what you want to hear for part two!!! We answer these questions below:

1.        What have we been up to lately?

2.        How’s work, Jonathan?! (Haha)

3.        What do you guys argue about?

4.        How did you know that each other were the one?

5.        If you have done couple’s therapy, what type of therapy has worked best?

6.        Where are all the awakened masculine men hiding?

7.        How to feel worthy when you make a lot less money than your partner or work has been slow?

8.        How does he navigate you being so spiritual when he’s a skeptic?

9.        How has your sex life changed since having Atticus?

10.    What’s your favorite thing about each other?

11.    Biggest pet peeve about each other

12.    Divine Masculinity, Couple’s Therapy, Finding “The One”

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