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Episode #272

Danielle Paige: Intuitive Astrology, Cosmic Beings, Soul Contracts, Healing & Finding Love

We are so excited about this episode with incredible intuitive astrologer & spiritual teacher Danielle Paige. This has been such a highly requested conversation from Jordan’s audience, and we are so thrilled to finally be able to deliver. This is a deep one all about intuitive astrology, cosmic beings, starseeds, time not being linear, healing from Lyme & mold, finding love, using astrology to find love, and so much more. Danielle also reads Jordan’s birth chart in this episode — such a treat!


It is incredible to hear Danielle’s backstory in this conversation about hitting rock bottom and finding astrology at the age of 30, how age is just a number and we all find love & partnership when we are meant to, the message behind soul contracts & what they are for, her healing journey (which she doesn’t talk about often publicly), and so much more.


We know TBB family loves astrology as much as we do, and it is a true cosmic tool to get to know ourselves and the universe better. We hope this episode enriches your life, and that it feels like you’re sitting on the couch chatting with two (very spiritual) friends!


We hope you love this episode and cannot wait to hear your feedback! As always, enter to win this week’s big wellness giveaway by rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts, subscribing, and sending a screenshot to [email protected]!




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