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Episode #101

ft. Lauren Paul & Molly Mae Thompson

Jordan chats with two inspirational powerhouses who inspire her more than they could ever know: Lauren Paul and Molly Mae Thompson, the Founders of Kind Campaign. Jordan has been following their work with the Kind Campaign since long before she had met either of them, and having the opportunity to interview them about their work, friendship, motherhood, and lives was an incredible experience that she is so excited to share with the listeners of the show.


Kind Campaign is an anti-bullying non-profit that has been going into schools and spreading kindness for over a decade. Their assemblies and documentary, Finding Kind, bring awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying, which is unfortunately something that pretty much every girl experiences at some point in their life. It is beautiful and selfless work, something that has changed girls’ lives all over the globe for a full decade now.


These Kind Girls share some awesome stories in this episode, including their own histories with bullying in middle school and high school, how they met each other, some of the most powerful acts of forgiveness and love they’ve seen on tour, and what it’s like to now have children of their own!


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