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Episode #106

ft. Charity Lighten

Jordan chats with Charity Lighten, chief nutritionist, CEO + co-founder of Silver Fern Probiotics. They talk all about gut health and how to create a better environment in your own body + outside of it, too!  Charity also opens up about what it’s been like since her husband’s cancer diagnosis, and how she’s tried to use her years of research to help him heal. Jordan was so happy to connect with Charity, she is SUCH a positive light and plethora of knowledge!


You know how much Jordan loves her probiotics, and with Charity Lighten on today’s episode, it couldn’t be more fitting than to share Silver Fern! Silver Fern has the proper amount of strains of bacteria in their probiotic, so it can actually arrive alive in your intestinal tract. (That’s what you want!) Head on over to Silver Fern’s website and use the code BLONDE for 20% off your order! Jordan just loves their probiotic, and the plant protein powder (it’s chocolate flavored!)


We are doing a FUN giveaway with Silver Fern!

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Are you #OnShrooms yet? Jordan has been loving Four Sigmatic more than ever (if you haven’t already, check out episode 85 with the company’s founder, Tero Isokauppila) because she’s cut out coffee entirely. If you’re trying to stay off of coffee but still want to feel alert and awake, there’s nothing better for you or better tasting than the caffeine-free Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir (with some almond milk, a date, and cinnamon, it makes a great latte!). You can go to to get 15% off of your order!