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Episode #122

ft. Jessica Olie

Today we are taking it back all the way to episode 61 of the Best of the Show series we are running while Jordan takes some time to herself to heal! You may know Jessica Olie from her amazing Instagram with gorgeous yoga poses, beautiful words, and her touching and beautiful spirit. Jess is the definition of what it means to be vulnerable and OPEN, and to share her heart with us.


Over the past few years, Jordan has fallen in love with Jess through social media – you’ll understand why when you see her yoga flow posts, stunning poses, and her #goals worthy friendship with Morgan Haley of The Southern Yogi (who was our equally amazing guest on episode 35).


Jessica chose to share a deeply personal struggle with us on this episode, and we know it will inspire you to reflect on areas of your life that may no longer be serving you. We appreciate her openness on every level, and we can’t wait for you to hear her poetic words about life, love, loss, intuition, fear, and of course… YOGA.


We’d like to thank HUM Nutrition! Jordan has been talking about them on the blog for YEARS because they help her feel amazing, and she wants you to know about them, too! HUM is an all-natural line of supplements, and their goal is to use science-based and clinical-backed nutrition as a tool for helping people feel amazing. After being diagnosed with Lyme, Jordan has been all about HUM’s different detoxification supplements like the Daily Cleanse. When you go to, don’t forget to use the discount code SOUL at checkout to get 20% off your first order!


Have you listened to the amazing episode with Lacy Phillips, the incredible manifestation advisor? (Listen to episode 66!) Jordan is beyond excited to offer 10% off of Lacy Phillips’ Free & Native workshops when you follow this link!