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Episode #127

ft. Dennis Notten

Jordan chats with Dennis Notten, ayahuasca expert, spiritual guide, and founder of AyaFlow. Jordan has been LOVING the incredible response from her recent solo episode (listen here!) all about her ayahuasca experience; she wanted to have an expert on the show to answer questions that you have all been asking! Dennis has been studying plant medicine for years, and works with Amazonian tribes, spiritual leaders, and Indigenous people in order to bridge the gap and help people understand and respect the power of plant medicine.


If you would like to try Dennis’s Microdosing program, head to If you have any questions about the program, as always shoot Jordan an email and she will point you in the right direction! She will be doing the program and she is very thrilled about it.


As always, use your own discretion when considering trying plant medicine / Ayahuasca.


Jordan has believed for a long time that the answers often lie in nature, which is exactly what Ned believes. Ned is an organic hemp and CBD brand with a passion to help people feel and live BETTER. They create products like body butter, lip balm, and oils infused with hemp, CBD, and good vibes! If you’re interested in trying out one of Ned’s incredible products, head over to for 15% off of your order!


You know how much Jordan loves her probiotics! Silver Fern has the proper amount of strains of bacteria in their probiotic, so it can actually arrive alive in your intestinal tract. (That’s what you want!) Head on over to Silver Fern’s website and use the code BLONDE for 20% off your order. And don’t forget to listen to Silver Fern chief nutritionist Charity Lighten’s episode! Jordan just loves their probiotic, and the plant protein powder (it’s chocolate flavored!)



  • Learn more & check out the Microdosing Program: