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Episode #149

SOLO: Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul – The COURSE, The Inspiration Behind It, & How to Manifest True Joy

Jordan truly believes that we create the things that we need the most. As she’s been quite sick for a couple of years with chronic Lyme disease and all sorts of co-infections, her biggest symptom has been chronic fatigue. A big part of her healing journey has been paying attention to her intuition and psychic abilities, so she’s created a course called Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul. In this episode she talks about how the course came together (spoiler alert: she originally planned to write a book instead), how she had to get out of her own way to create it and what’s in the course. 


The course includes:

  • An introduction where you’ll create your intentions for the course, choose a happy place to go to in your mind, your meditations and a mantra for this journey that we’re going on together. 
  • Module 1: Remembering that you’re an eternal soul and exploring what that means
  • Module 2: Surrendering to the universe, talking about what means and why it’s so important
  • Module 3: Learning how to honor our lineage, connect with our ancestors and also connect with our childhood memories
  • Module 4: Developing an intimate relationship with our body because being able to fall in love with our bodies from the inside out is where all of our manifestations come from
  • Module 5: Learning what you love and writing it down
  • Module 6: Channeling, automatic writing, journaling, speaking to your angels, your guides, your light beings and speaking to your soul
  • Module 7: The law of attraction, the Abraham Hicks Emotional Scale, manifesting money, relationships and career goals
  • Module 8: Searching for miracles everywhere and letting them be a part of your everyday life
  • Module 9: Integration and living in the ceremony of life


The course will be open until July 22, and this first round of the course will include four live webinars where Jordan will be channeling and answering your questions. If you’re one of the first 100 people to sign up you’ll be in the draw for an amazing gift basket from companies like @open_heart_apothecary, @rebbl, @liquidiv, @curednutrition, @lovelilbucks, @oseamalibu, @drroebucks, @blenderbombs, and @beautybarchocolate. The first 15 sign ups will receive all of the above plus @foursigmatic! And one lucky winner will receive a beautiful singing bowl from @theohmstore!


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4 key topics for story stacks:

  1.  How necessary it is to get out of your own way in order to intuitively create something + how much I hope this course will inspire you to create your own offering!
  2. Bringing an aligned offering into being, feeling the joy in creating + being unattached to the outcome
  3. Living your life as a ceremony + falling in love with your body.
  4. Connecting with our ancestors, childhood memories + higher beings. Basically, all that you can expect in the COURSE!