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Episode #150

ft. Jonathan Albrecht

In May Jordan and her fiance, Jonathan Albrecht, went on an Ayahuasca journey together. Jonathan’s a private kind of dude and doesn’t come on the podcast very often, but Jordan really wanted him to come on and talk about his experience with Ayahuasca plant medicine, especially because it was his first time taking it. In this episode they chat about their key takeaways from the experience, in particular how Jordan came to see herself with nothing but love and Jonathan arrived at a better understanding of death and his family heritage.


This Ayahuasca journey inspired all the modules in Jordan’s newly launched course, Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul, which is an incredible nine-week deep dive into intuition, your psychic ability, working with the law of attraction, manifesting and connecting with your highest self, your soul that lives in the fifth dimension, where only loving consciousness exists.

This first round of the course will include four live webinars where Jordan will be channeling and answering your questions. She’s also just confirmed that her spiritual teacher and medium, MaryAnn DiMarco, will be joining her for one of these live webinars.

If you’re one of the first 100 people to sign up for the course you’ll be in the draw for an amazing gift basket from companies like @open_heart_apothecary, @rebbl, @liquidiv, @curednutrition, @lovelilbucks, @oseamalibu, @drroebucks, @blenderbombs, and @beautybarchocolate. The first 15 sign ups will receive all of the above plus @foursigmatic! And one lucky winner will receive a beautiful singing bowl from @theohmstore!

If you have any questions about the course, there is an FAQ section on the website. The investment is $333 (angel numbers!) and if you’d like the payment plan option, please email [email protected]. The cart for Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul closes July 22.


Are you #OnShrooms yet? Jordan has been loving Four Sigmatic more than ever (if you haven’t already, check out episode 85 with the company’s founder, Tero Isokauppila) because she’s cut out coffee entirely. If you’re trying to stay off of coffee but still want to feel alert and awake, there’s nothing better for you or better tasting than the caffeine-free Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir (with some almond milk, a date, and cinnamon, it makes a great latte!). You can go to to get 15% off of your order!


Jordan has been using Manitoba Harvest hemp protein since the very beginning of her blogging days, so you could say she’s especially excited to be sharing their incredible products with you! Manitoba Harvest has been the leader in hemp for over 20 years, offering products like hemp hearts ($1 off for TBB listeners!), granola, and protein powder– Jordan loves the chocolate flavor! They also have amazing recipes, like their blueberry muffins! Today Manitoba Harvest and Jordan are hosting a giveaway together. To enter the giveaway, rate and review this podcast on iTunes and send a screenshot to [email protected]. For bonus points follow @manitobaharvest on Instagram.

You know how much Jordan loves her probiotics! Silver Fern has the proper amount of strains of bacteria in their probiotic, so it can actually arrive alive in your intestinal tract. (That’s what you want!) Head on over to Silver Fern’s website and use the code BLONDE for 15% off your order. And don’t forget to listen to Silver Fern chief nutritionist Charity Lighten’s episode! Jordan just loves their probiotic, and the plant protein powder (it’s chocolate flavored!)