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Episode #162

ft. Khalil Rafati

Best of the Show! As The Balanced Blonde is on hiatus, today Jordan is re-releasing this awesome episode with Khalil Rafati. Jordan has been a huge fan of Khalil Rafati for many years! Back in 2011, Khalil started SunLife Organics, an incredibly healing juice company – Jordan used to go to their location in Malibu when it first opened! Jordan also recommends reading Khalil’s wildly beautiful book, I Forgot To Die, where Khalil shares his powerful journey of drug addiction, being homeless, and hitting the ultimate bottom of the barrel. 


Khalil truly embodies what it means to live a soul on fire life, and in this episode he shares the journey it’s been for him to get here. Jordan and Khalil also talk about his upbringing, what’s in store for his company, and SO much more. Jordan can’t wait for you to listen or re-listen to this conversation!


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