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Episode #193

ft. Jim Curtis: The Anti-Inflammatory Mindset, The Cosmic Algorithm, & Health Coaching School Q’s Answered!

Jim Curtis is the Head of Brand at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the nutrition school that Jordan attended that set her on the path of wellness. Jim has been battling chronic illnesses for many years, and found healing through lifestyle, diet, and mindset. He also wrote a fabulous book on healing called “The Stimulati Experience” about moving past pain and trauma in order to find happiness. He is a hypnotherapist, health coach, and a teacher of the Anti-Inflammatory mindset.

Jim talks all about his role at Nutrition School, how the school found him, and what you can expect in health coaching school if you are interested in joining. He’s an open book! He shares everything he’s learned about healing, alternative therapies, and his love of wellness retreats and spas and diets that have helped him deal with chronic pain. Learn all about how to live an alkaline lifestyle, how to heal from chronic pain, and how to turn your greatest challenges into your greatest gifts.

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