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Episode #204

ft. Weslie Christensen: Waking Up With Weslie – Spiritual Awakening, Rock Bottoms, & Owning Your Power

Many of you will know Weslie Christensen from her amazing podcast, Wake Up With Weslie, or from her (multiple) blogs where she’s been writing for over a decade. She is the essence of spirituality, awakening, conscious motherhood, stepping into her power, overcoming rock bottoms, and finding her unique voice. Her podcast is one of Jordan’s favorites and she was thrilled to have her on the show to share her with you guys! 

Jordan & Wes have so much in common, from health journeys to spiritual awakenings to spontaneous kundalini visions and the deep power that they both know is inside of them (and in all of us!). Wes is full of life lessons, from her story of hitting rock bottom, becoming a young mother and getting married young, her journey with Epstein Barr Virus, always committing to reinventing herself and her own growth, and how deeply she loves the people in her circle. 

The first part of Jordan’s conversation with Weslie is on her podcast, Wake Up With Weslie, so make sure you tune in there to catch Part One!

Wes + Jordan will also be doing a giveaway! If you rate and review both The Balanced Blonde Podcast and Wake Up With Weslie and send a screenshot of it to Jordan’s email [email protected], you have a chance of winning one of Wes’ “Do No Harm, Take No Shit” t-shirts and one of Jordan’s 22-Day Detox programs!

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