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Episode #206

ft. Trevor Hall & Emory Hall: The Creative Process of “In & Through the Body,” Falling in Love, & Major Couple Goals

Jordan manifested this one from the get go! Trevor Hall is a talented musician who Jordan has been a fan of since she was 14 (!!), and he is clearly tapped into something deeper in the universe. His music is pure medicine. They are joined in their convo by his beautiful wife Emory Hall, who was featured on Trevor’s latest album! She is an incredible photographer and writer with the voice of an angel… and it was so fun for the 3 of them to chat and go deep.

In this fun conversation, they talk all about the creative process, human design, dealing with everything going on in the world right now, and what it’s like to release an album in the midst of that. They go deep on what Trevor loves most about his latest album, who inspires them, how the pandemic has been, creativity, and so much more.

These two are such a joy and feel right at home in The Balanced Blonde family!

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