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Episode #208

ft. Ryan Holiday: Stoicism, Stillness, Ego, & Cultivating a Life You Love with Best-Selling Author of The Daily Stoic

Ryan Holiday is an incredibly accomplished author of many best selling books that Jordan is a diehard fan of. Jordan has loved his work for a long time, having read all of his books, and it’s an inspiration to hear his story and share it on the podcast! He’s authored several best-selling books — “The Obstacle is the Way,” “Ego is the Enemy,” and “Stillness is the Key” — his newest book is “Lives of the Stoics.” He has such an effective, productive daily routine and he’s so efficient in his work, which he shares with all of us.

Ryan is also a student and teacher of Stoic philosophy, so it was great to talk to him during such a pivotal moment in the world. He talks about how history repeats itself, and how we are not the only people to have been in this position. We have so much to learn from studying the great teachers of the past. Ryan’s books have changed the lives of so many people, and this conversation has the power to change yours as well.

We also get into fun rapid fires with Ryan and learn more about his life behind the scenes!

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