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Episode #220

ft. Jonathan Albrecht: My Husband Has Been Vegan For A Year! Plant-Based Q&A, Vegan Benefits, Protein, Fitness, & More

Jordan’s husband, Jonathan Albrecht, returns to celebrate his one-year veganniversary, and to celebrate, Jordan dedicated a special Q&A episode to his vegan evolution.

This intimate conversation between her and Jonathan dives into his smooth transition from ‘vegaquarian’ to vegan, from sampling all the meat-free substitutes on the market to dining out with non-vegan friends to cooking up a veggie-storm in the kitchen! For the vegan-curious folk out there contemplating taking the plunge, Jonathan’s straight-forward, relatable approach shows just how feasible it is to incorporate a plant-based diet into any lifestyle.

Thanks to everyone who sent over their thoughtful questions via Instagram. Inclusive conversations about nutrition and plant based living are what this community is all about! At the end we also get into our ayahuasca journey… which is so fun. Lastly, we tackle that “how to get enough protein?” Question that everyone wants to know!

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