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Episode #44

ft. Nicole Cogan

Jordan chats with her dear friend and incredible gluten-free and lifestyle blogger Nicole Cogan, Founder and CEO of NOBREAD, your guide to all things gluten-free. Nicole is the epitome of down to earth, and as always Jordan loves having a dear friend on the show to share real life, in the moment conversations. Nicole is a business genius, and she also has a TON to teach about balancing her booming social life with her need to be healthy. We will all be inspired by Nicole’s dedication to true balance!


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You probably know by now that REBBL is one of Jordan’s favorite beverage companies in existence. They’re a mission-driven company that helps vulnerable populations throughout the world and makes delicious drinks, and the drinks are extremely healthy. Each organic drink contains adaptogens, which are super herbs and have traditionally been used by ancient cultures to bring the body back to balance and homeostasis.


Jordan also wants to tell you about BioClarity! Both Jordan and Nicole use BioClarity products because they both have ridiculously sensitive skin and systems – and we can trust any product that Nicole puts on her skin or in her body. Beyond the fact that BioClarity is gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free (just to name a few of the incredible, all-natural properties), Jordan loves that they use the unique ingredient Floralux: a totally-plant based ingredient derived from chlorophyll.

BioClarity is kind enough to offer a great discount for listeners of this show!! Follow Jordan’s direct link to BioClarity ( and use the code BLONDE at checkout for 50% off your order!