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Episode #55

ft. Sheena Mannina

The universe lined up just right so that Jordan could sit down and chat with Sheena Mannina, who is doing SO MANY amazing things to light her soul on fire! She hosts the always-fresh Raw Talk With Sheena Podcast, owns a juice bar called Raw Republic (the first cold-pressed juice bar in Louisiana!), and created the Basic Witch Healing Course (which Jordan LOVES!!). She’s able to blend spirituality with being a “basic,” normal, down-to-earth person, and it makes all of this spiritual stuff a lot easier to grasp.


Balanced Blonde listeners get $99 off the Basic Witch Super Course by using code “TBBxBasicWitch” at checkout!!! This offer is only valid for ONE WEEK! The second annual Basic Witch Super Course will be held at Raw Republic in New Orleans, LA, from October 20th – 22nd. Learn more at


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