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Episode #77

ft. Robyn Youkilis

Jordan chats with Robyn Youkilis, an expert in holistic digestive health and the author of two incredible gut health books, Go With Your Gut and the brand-new (as in THIS WEEK new!) Thin From Within.


Despite many mutual friends, Jordan and Robyn met while recording this ep… but you would never guess based on the energy in this episode (#FriendsAtFirstSight)!! Robyn has an AMAZING, intuitive ability to connect on a deep level with the people she’s talking to and working with, as you’ll see when she asks a few questions (and gets responses!) from Jordan’s body!


Robyn also answers all of Jordan’s questions about balancing the flora in our gut and just generally treating our tummies as best as possible, and then we dig into her new book. Jordan LOVES how Robyn is disrupting the conversation around being thin – because thin isn’t a dirty word, it’s simply a feeling from within! The feeling of LIGHTNESS and vibrancy. Robyn is empowering people to find their happiest, healthiest, and most vibrant sense of self, and we are stoked to share that with all of you!


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