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Episode #79

ft. Jamie Graber

Jordan chats with her dear friend — who you may recognize from Jordan’s BOOK — Jamie Graber, the former owner of the renowned raw vegan restaurant Gingersnap’s Organic. Jamie has had a huge impact on Jordan’s life – she was the first person to lovingly tell Jordan that she didn’t look healthy while she was raw vegan. That conversation completely changed Jordan’s life, and now Jamie is helping others do the same. You can learn more about this story in Jordan’s book, Breaking Vegan.


Jamie made the incredibly brave decision to walk away from (and CLOSE) Gingersnaps to start her coaching business Organically, Jamie, where she works as a mind shifter, healer, reiki master, manifester, and coach. It took GUTS to leave a thriving restaurant and pursue her passion, but we are so grateful that she has stepped into her light to share her deepest gift with all of us… HEALING.


Kick back and enjoy this heart to heart conversation on all things manifesting, expanding, healing, moving on, letting go, having courage from deep within, KUNDALINI, and so much more.


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