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Episode #85

ft. Tero Isokauppila

Jordan chats with Tero Isokauppila all about SHROOMS! The founder of Four Sigmatic, Tero shares with us all about the origin of his company. As a Finnish native, he first started Four Sigmatic in Finland, and the company has since been Stateside for all of 3 years. It has clearly blown up in that time frame because Tero’s company meets a genuine need in the market! Tero is a 13th generation family farmer and forager and was a student of both chemistry and nutrition- SUCH an interesting combination to prepare him for this business. His successful brand, which sells adaptogenic mushroom coffee and other delicious blends, is a powerhouse in the wellness world!


In today’s episode, Jordan asks Tero all about his views on psychedelic mushrooms, to which he shares that people aren’t often educated on the fundamentals of these particular mushrooms, and that they’ve been part of our ancestors’ lives all across the globe for centuries. However, he shares there is still ongoing research to find health benefits for this specific grouping. In this episode, Jordan prompts Tero to share the many healing properties of his mushroom products. Tero reminds us that, when something gets trendy, it’s okay to be skeptical and remain focused on researching the quality of the product being offered as well as the reported dosage. Tero also tells us all about his daily spiritual and physical practices, which include yoga and napping on a LITERAL nail bed! You can learn more by tuning into this super interesting episode with the FOUNDER of Four Sigmatic, Tero Isokauppila.


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